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WordPress Security Plugins Comparison

The goal of every security plugin is to help you protect your WordPress website from malwares. There are many security services in the market. To decide which ...

Smart Autoblog for Affiliate Websites with Rehub theme and plugins

Today, we will discuss several ways to make your site on autopilot with Rehub theme and different plugins (Content Egg, Affiliate Egg,  WP All import, ...

How to make smart profitable, deal, affiliate and comparison site on Woocommerce

Today, I will show you how to create smart profitable affiliate site on Woocommerce with help of Rehub theme and Content Egg plugin. If you don't have this ...

How to create mobile app for wordpress with custom data

Mobile traffic becomes even more great than desktop nowdays. So, many people are interesting how to create android and ios mobile app for their websites. Here ...

Step by step guide for creating affiliate website with Rehub theme

In this article, we will show you some tips and all settings which can be helpful for creating profitable affiliate website. You need to have Rehub theme for ...

AMP posts – tips, technics and when to use

Last month we had very important fact - first time in history, mobile web had more unique visits that web. I guess, this trend will continue. This is why we ...

How to copy shortcodes and code snippets properly in wordpress

I found that many clients don't realize that visual mode of wordpress is working not as plain mode. So, when you copy something from other sites and paste ...

Creating Social Business advanced membership site Buddypress and S2member on Rehub theme

There are many ways to use Wordpress nowdays. Today, I will show you several examples how to get most powerful features of Buddypress and Wordpress to create ...

Creating profitable modern price comparison sites with Rehub

We are glad to introduce our next child theme Rewise. It was designed for price comparison sites, but you can use it for any type of sites as theme has modern ...

7 Ways to Secure Your WordPress Login

If you are visiting this page to find the one magical tip that is going to make your WordPress login secure, you are going to be disappointed. Hackers and ...

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