How to edit custom fields from admin panel in Gutenberg

Most of themes save their additional data and functions of posts to custom fields. And, usually, you can edit these fields directly from admin panel. For example, if you want to edit vote count or review score. And now, we will show you how to do this.

WordPress is most popular CMS for websites due to wordpress usage statistic of 2019 year Recently, wordpress updated to 5.0 version with new Gutenberg Editor, so, many old tutorials for wordpress become outdated.

Early, it was easy when you wanted to edit custom fields from panel. You enabled Screen Options in top right corner, but starting from 5.0 version, everything was changed in admin panels for posts.

Many our buyers were confused, because they just don’t understand where they can do their usual editing, because admin panel is totally new. They start to install Classic editor plugin to revert back. Hold down, people. Everything is still available, but it’s just in other place.

In admin panel of post, you will find next icon in top right corner

Click on it and in dropdown panel, choose “Options” in end. Then, you can choose Custom field panel and enable it

Now, you can choose custom fields which you want to change and update/add/delete them and resave your post

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