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Just insert link on page with affiliate products – plugin will do all other job (get image, price, description, specification, reviews, photos). You can set time when plugin will update prices from shops

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Affiliate Egg – is a WordPress plugin, which allows you to add in your posts sample products from popular online stores and monetize referrals through the CPA-networks.

Watch a short video to learn how does the plugin works.

Supported shops

  • Amazon Amazon (.com, .de,, .it, .in, .fr, .es)
  • Ebay Ebay (.com, .de, .in, .es,
  • Gearbest
  • NewEgg
  • Walmart
  • BestBuy
  • Infibeam
  • Snapdeal
  • Groupon Groupon (.com)
  • Saturn
  • Iherb
  • Banggood
  • CP
  • (also,,,

There are many other supported shops, check actual full list

Many buyers ask what is difference between Content Egg and Affilate Egg? First of all, we added recently integration with Content Egg, so, you can use both plugins with the most powerful combination for affiliate marketing and get all proses from both plugins. Check also Content Egg offer or see how plugins can work together.

Difference is in logic and in tools.

Content Egg uses keyword to search products through Product API of affiliate systems. Each system has own API and rules. So, you enter keyword, plugin returns products, then you choose which are the best and insert them in post with one of output template. You can also mix products from different affiliate systems in comparison list with special shortcode or divide them in parts with different design.

Affiliate Egg has web parser instead searching with API. You need to put direct links on product pages to parse products. So, it’s a bit more work, but plugin doesn’t depend on API of systems (which sometimes can return not all products), you can use it for parse any product page. You can also parse category pages, archive pages. Sometimes it’s very useful, because you can choose the best products on original site and then make something like “storefront with best from…” or “top 15 green shoes from”. So, it’s more flexible in choosing products, but more manual work.

Now, about bad part. As I wrote, Content Egg depends on API from affiliate systems, so, you need to have approved programs, you need to have account in affiliate system, you can’t choose special product page from original source if such page is not searchable in their API. Affiliate Egg’s bad part is that it depends on parsers and we can’t make parsers for all shops. So, you can’t use Affiliate Egg if you don’t have parser for site (each site requires own parser). But we have more than 50 ready parsers, also we provide service to make custom parsers ($25 for each).

Where to use. Content Egg is better in most cases, especially if you want to use affiliate aggregator as, Zanox, CJ, etc. It’s also good for Amazon and Ebay, because they have good API. Affiliate Egg is better if you want to use direct website partnership program. Also, it’s good if you want to parse specific product pages. Usually, people buy Affiliate Egg for local markets. For example, there is no good affiliate aggregators for Indian market. But we have many ready parsers for most popular Indian shops. Also, of course, you can use both plugins.

Want to have bundle with discount. After purchase of one plugin, you will have 25% on all next purchases. License packages (more than 5 license) will make price less than $10 for each license
Affiliate Egg deal
Affiliate Egg deal
$47.49 $49.99

  1. is this plugin works with ReHUb theme only or we can use it with any theme?

  2. could you please confirm the name of Indian E-commerce websites which can be used in this plug in?

  3. Please reply, so that i can purchase it

    • Hi! There is a plugin that can fetch live price from any e-commerce website. You can use it with Woocommerce and your Rehub theme. Take a look:

      • Learned about it and this is awesome plugin….. I will use it…

      • This plugin can’t fetch anything. You need to add links manually to plugin, then, plugin try to use Skimlinks API to check if product exists and update affiliate link. First of all, it doesn’t fetch any information like Affiliate Egg, just prices (as I see it’s also has big delay before price update) and link. No reviews, images, titles, sale prices, feedbacks, specifications and other important info for real price comparison sites. Also it doesn’t update Product price. We have better way for Woocommerce

        • Wpsouladmin, please, take a carefull look.. You’re missing something:

          Can EGGs fetch live prices from local website like those from Brazil?
          Reviews, content don’t need to be real time, so we use EGGs.
          But price must be. EGGs should be able scraping live price from CSS selectors of local stores like the above plugin is. This is just a suggestion, friend! Thanks

        • I didn’t miss any info and understand how plugin works. You place links in products and css selector for price update, but…the similar way we use in Affiliate Egg and you can create custom parser for it, but Affiliate Egg store prices on site and update them. Your plugin don’t store, it parses price each time after you open product. problem is that this doesn’t allow you to store prices in fields of product, so, you can’t create directory of products on your site, you can’t show prices in archives, you can’t compare prices from different products. Anyway, I think that Content Egg is much better sollution, because you don’t need to find links for products, all actions are from post admin page including searhing of products, choosing, sorting and other things + price tracker + price history, etc.

          In future we will add also manual module in Content Egg, with logic like in your plugin, so, follow updates

  4. I cant find any change log for this plugin which is must for any plugin..
    which shows the development of product..

  5. Is this coupled with the rehab theme or sold separately?

  6. Nice plugin….will it work with sharesale , cj affliate programs??

  7. Are “Content Egg” and “Affiliate Egg” the same plugin or not? It’s not clear to me.

  8. Hi,
    No ebay Fr (France)?

  9. Hi, I purchased Content Egg and Rehub and really please with these products. I intend to buy Affiliate Egg. However, when I try to use coupon code for Affiliate Egg order, it says “This coupon code is invalid or has expired.” Can you check the valid of the coupon code ?

  10. Can we use the filter for category, price and brand using this plugin?

  11. I have used your service to create custom parsers for the local market. However, I don’t know how to integrate these custom parsers into the Content Egg. I add codes in Config file (Affiliate Egg), but I can’t enable the module in Content Egg. Can you write a guide in the manual about this integration ?

  12. Can you tell wich custom parsers you already have developed for dutch stores in the Netherlands?

  13. hello is this theme and plugin have an excel import functionality for the affiliate means can i able to import affiliate excel file from flipkart, amazon etc..

  14. I sent and email to support address on keywordrush. Just notice about the auto-update price:
    With Affiliate Egg, I use grid of 4 columns template for products in posts:

    1. I don’t know if the price is updated. No notice like “Last update was in: …” like in Content Egg.
    2. It seems the wp-cron doesn’t work as expected. I view the posts many times and price of product doesn’t update (I change the Update products to 3600 seconds; Update Catalogs : 7200 seconds to see how the plugin update info). Recently, there are flash sale, my post can’t update the price on time. My website compares the prices from shops, it’s useless if it can’t update price on time for visitors.

  15. I am thinking about buying affiliate egg but i am not sure yet. Could you tell me which of your 2 plugins is better to promote products from aliexpress?

    • CE is more stable as it uses official API of Aliexpress, but Affiliate Egg allows you to parse direct links from site. Anyway, I prefer to use Content Egg

  16. Flipkart not in the above list, than it is a dead investment for sure

  17. hello i want to ask if AFFILIATE EGG can work with this themes ?

    and AFFILIATE EGG is like this plugins ?

    and i want to know :
    1 : if AFFILIATE EGG can auto import products data from amazon ?
    2 : price Compare can work with amazon worldwide ( us > uk > it ) and so on ? and work with any themes ?
    3 : price Compare have auto update from amazon . ?

    example : i need to import top 100 laptops from amazon and compare price from all amazon worldwide > can AFFILIATE EGG do that ?

    thank you

    • it works with any theme

      It’s not like woozone plugin. Woozone allows to import products from Amazon, one product per one Amazon item. Affiliate Egg is for creating comparison lists or creating offer blocks inside posts or products. It’s not for importing to woocommerce. It works with locales of Amazon. It has auto update feature.

      You can also parse category from Amazon. But this data will be for inserting in product or post (or anywhere you want), it doesn’t import all data as woocommerce products

  18. Hi,

    Is there an option for the users to submit URL’s (add urls fields for submission from plugin) and to display automatically the results as configured in admin settings (Post submit / Woocommerce Product Submit)?
    Also, is there an option for mass import/scrape from sites?


    • There is no frontend form for plugin, but this is in our plans for updates.

      For bulk import – you can use links on category pages, plugin can parse shop archives, search pages, category pages

  19. Another difference or ‘bad think’ about A.E. compares with C.E. is that it has’nt the comparison list option, right?
    Reading the C.E. Pro and A.E. features from plugins’ creator i notee that difference.

    Could you confirm it, please?


    • No, it has comparison. Logic of plugin is another. You can set unlimited links in one storefront and you can show all offers from this storefront as one comparison list. Also, you can enable Affiliate Egg integration in Content Egg and use AE parsers as CE modules, all CE functions will be available in this case

  20. I bought this plugin for custom analyzers. But I can not find documentation about it. The one there is very poor. I need it.

  21. I need Affiliate Egg plugin but the ecommerce site I promote is not among the list of supported shops. Is there anyway out? How can the plugin be used for shopping site not supported?

  22. does Affiliate egg updates product as soon as the partner e-commerce site updates a new or old product in terms of price, feature etc

  23. Hi, plugin looks really good!
    I want to ask if there is any option to change the buttons color. And I saw when Im clicking buy it now it leads me direct to Add to cart window in amazon, can I direct the link to my affiliate link to the regular sale page at amazon?
    And lat one 🙂
    There is any refund option in case the plugin will not be good for me?

  24. Hi,

    It is clear to me that Zanox works with Content Egg plugin. But does it work also with Affiliate Egg, creating deeplinks from that network? On official sales page from Affiliate Egg there is no mention to Zanox, that’s why I’m asking…

  25. i want to create website for price comparison . in website i will show all indian shop store lilke amazon , ebay, flipkart, snapdeal n many more with product comparing price…. i will use my affiliate link …….i want to ask which plugin i required for this ?? both plugin(aff.egg,content egg,) or single plugin….? if i purchase rehub theme ..what advantage i will get regarding these plugin ?

    • You will need Affiliate Egg plugin, but Flipkart is only in Content Egg. Rehub has advanced integration with plugin, like special post layouts, special autoblog layouts, special post modules for AE and synchronization with theme fields, post fields.

  26. I really believe you need to work more on Affiliate Egg and make it more advanced. First, there should be some advanced search features where we can search for the seller, category, specify seller’s rating, etc

    I also hope you can add a feature to add the products that are listed after search as a woocommerce product. This will make Affiliate Egg the best affiliate curator product int he market. Please consider this.

  27. I can’t see flipkart and all other sites in CONTENT EGG SYNCHRONIZATION setting, is it because I haven’t purchased affiliate egg plugin?

    • Flipkart is in Content Egg PRO plugin. You can see full list of available modules of AE and CE on this page

      • I can’t see flipkart option sir, how to enable it whenever I open any post and type product keyword ( in content egg plugin which comes just below the post) it only shows amazon. How can I add flipkart ebay and other ecommerce sites? please help

        • It’s available in Content Egg PRO plugin, so, you must have it. I guess, you have free version

        • Tell me that if i want to compare products from amazon , Flipkart and snapdeal and other indian websites then which is better ?
          I strongly work on then can CE compare all indian websites

        • better to use Content Egg PRO (Flipkart,, paytm), but for other small shops you will need also Affiliate Egg PRO. You can deal with author for good price for bundle of two plugins.

  28. This is regarding Snapdeal/Infibeam affiliate link. how to use them? as i dont see any specific settings for these sites.

  29. This is regarding Snapdeal / infibeam & Gearbest affiliate links, which settings i need to use to get this affiliate works? at present i don’t see these sites are listed under settings.

    Thank You.

  30. Hi

    I have a local price comparison site in Nigeria. All the stores in this website are ONLY Nigeria’s online stores such as konga, jumia etc. I can’t find this on Affiliate Egg shop list. Is it possible for me to still use Affiliate Egg for such local sites? Or is Affiliate Egg is ONLY for those jobs you listed in your demo?

    • you can hire us to create custom parsers (20-30 per 1 parser) or create them by yourself if you have basic php and xpath skills

  31. Hi, first off I just recently purchased rehub theme and affiliate egg plugin, and it’s INCREDIBLE!

    In the video, when inserting your affiliate id’s into the affiliate egg settings, do i have to put “tag=” before all affiliate id’s, or just for Amazon? For instance, I am using Amazon, Ebay, and AliExpress. Do I put tag=”example-id”, for each of my affiliate id’s?

    Thanks in advance,


    • yes, if you want to have commission from sales. Anyway, you need to do this only one time in settings of plugin (deeplink settings)

  32. Hi can you make a custom parser to the ecommerce thanks

  33. Hello, can we use Affiliate Egg with multiple amazon tracking ID? For Example: in Post A, we want to use tracking ID A-20, in post B: we want to use tracking ID B-20…

  34. hey it seems the plugin does not work with ebay deals?

    can you add support for ebay deals please?

  35. Hello Igor , is it possible to crawl and parse coupon code websites?

  36. Hello
    I have purchased both affilite egg and content egg
    I want to add deeplink to store but I dont know how
    I want also custom purser to and
    I sent email to support and there is no reply till now
    please help me

    • i need to add and also , how to get it in 20$ i agree about price no pb

    • Hi. I saw your email, but when I answered on it, I see next message

      Address not found
      Your message wasn’t delivered to dr.giza…… because the address couldn’t be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

      So, you have problems with email

      Answer was next

      “But Lazada is already available in Affiliate Egg.

      For other two – we can make custom parsers, price will be $20 per each”

      • Hi
        I emailed you from this email as you say that there is a problem with the other

        I know that lazada is present but I dont know how to add deep link as I saw prefix and postfix un the link

        and I want to make custom parser to souq and jumia but I want 2 thing:

        I want you to make a discount as I saw in yhe comments that you make some parser in 15$ 🙂

        and I wnat to know how time long it wull take and the payment method

  37. Hello, the coupon code “CLIENT10” mentioned above is not working for the additional 10% off. Are you aware of another coupon code? Thanks!

  38. can i use ” affiliate egg or content egg ” for local affiliate shops neither the supported shops ?

    • You can use Content Egg to manually add offers from custom shops. Or Affiliate Egg + custom parsers. Developers of plugin provide custom parser creating for $25 per site

  39. the affiliate egg have ” Price history ” feature or not ?

    • It doesn’t have, but you can enable integration with Content Egg and this will enable also price history feature. This will work also in Content Egg free version, so, you don’t need to buy additional CE PRO to get this

  40. Is the plugin fully working on Lazada? I’m gonna buy it.

  41. CLIENT10 Expired 🙁

  42. Is this going to work without re hub theme? I’m using a different theme

  43. you said we can create custom parsers by myself, how too add it? any docs?

  44. Hi there. I have read through all of the comments before posting here. All I wanted to know is if I ask you to create a parser, will it then automatically update product price? Is there a detailed video on what parsers are and what do you get on your website after you add them?

  45. Hi can you add the affiliate of these site please ?
    and more French affiliate

  46. hi, Is there plugin work to automatically update the price of deals? and to check if the discount coupons are still valid?

    I only work with one shop no admitad, the true gearbest site

    • yes, it has price update, but what discount update do you mean?

      • discount coupons, exemple : with coupon “Fr10232” price is 50$ without coupon price is 75$.
        The coupons have a random life so check often if they are still valid.

        Is it possible that the plugin checks this?
        Sometimes it’s flash sales so no need for that but sometimes so.

        • Plugin will show price the same as it’s visible on site, so, if site shows price without coupon applied – plugin will show also the same price. (p.s. anyway, you can customize output templates if you need)

  47. cant figure out how to make affiliate egg word with Aliexpress…

    • it’s the same as in any other shop. just place link. If you have any problems, i recommend to write to support of plugin

  48. Hi,

    I have a problem I bought the plugin but when I do a search with the content egg with affiliate pro for gearbest, my prices are displayed in $, I wish they are displayed in €.

    If I add currency = EUR in the code it’s not the exact price!

    I tried to change with custom cookie but the price stays in $.

    How to solve this problem?

    • Unfortunately, Gearbest and Banggood doesn’t support cookie for currency change. Only possible to use shortcode parameter. You can write to author of plugin, maybe he can advice something

  49. Hi there, I’m interested to buy both CE and AE, but will there be more PHP currency stores added like,,…? Since I can only see Lazada in the list for PHP currency, so I wouldn’t even be able to offer a price comparison on my website. Thanks!

    • you can order custom parsers from authors. Also, check Optimisemedia network, maybe they work in your country. Network is available in Content Egg

  50. interested in AE for lazada. can i have a demo would like to test in before purchase.

  51. Please how do I get a refund for my content egg, it’s affiliate egg I’m supposed to buy. I want to change my purchase and license to affiliate egg.

  52. I dont get the price of $33.75 while using REHUB25 coupon.


  53. I bought affiliate egg pro,using it with rehub theme. I created price comparison website for indian market.Amazon price only get updated. How can I update local websites live price like Flipkart,snapdeal,tatacliq

  54. for flipkart which plugin we use content egg or affiliae egg

  55. Looks cool to me. Planning to buy one for my Amazon affiliate sites.

  56. Should I buy conent egg and affiliate egg for affiliate website. My target shops are, flipkart, shopclues, snapdeal, and tatacliq.

  57. should we use it with content egg pro or we can use it with contect egg free version?

  58. hi, I see this post and buy plugin and now not see “”
    could help now about this store?

  59. Just a couple of questions…If I use AE with CE, will it allow me to pull products from the publishers on sites like CJ without having to sign up with each individual advertiser since most publishers don’t accept new advertisers accounts. And the second question, Is CE or AE best for an affiliate websites where I drip and display a dozen or so new products each day.

    • Affiliate Egg allows to get products directly from site without API access. CE is for using API, so, you must have approve in network

  60. Hi,
    I need a confirmation did I understand it well. I can take any product with AE from the sites that are in the list, even if I am not an affiliate partner of those sites?
    I am asking this because I want to make price comparison site. But I must have a finished site before entering affiliate program, and I need to have products with price auto update on it. So I need to take products and prices before I qualify to became an affiliate.

  61. Where I can download this plugin?

  62. I’m using Affiliate Egg (and Content Egg) to get discount products from shops.
    How can I choose to add only products With Discount (like options in Affiliate Egg sidebar) ?

    • If you use Content Egg, you can find discount filter in many modules. Go to settings of modules and enable it

  63. is amzon affiliate works without api in affiliate egg


  65. when will you add support for with sharesale and cj affliate networks?/

  66. I am not able to import product from i have purchased affiliate egg and already integrate it with content egg pro still i am not able to add product it shows not able to parse when i search something. Please help me.

  67. I use content eggs and affiliate eggs.

    1. How do I load a product review on my affiliate site?

    2. I want to use price alerts. I’ve tested it using email tags, but it doesn’t display correctly. If you enter% POST_ID%, you will receive% POST_ID% by email.

  68. I can’t find Amazon in contents Egg.
    It was done at first, but after repeating it several times, it became impossible.
    Please tell me how to resolve.

    Or, please tell me how to use the API on Amazon.

    • Amazon removed their API 4 year ago, so, it’s not available in Content Egg free version, only in PRO. But you can use Offer module in free version to add any links, including amazon. Or use Affiliate egg + Content Egg free

      • Is the Amazon API not available in the free version of Content Egg?

        I’m using Affiliate egg Pro + Content Egg, but if it’s not Content Egg Pro, can I only use links?

        • It’s not available in Free version. If you use AE PRO, you can use Amazon module of AE and enable integration to CE

  69. Is the Amazon API not available in the free version of Content Egg?

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