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Recently, one of our buyer wrote us a letter, that he site is not in google and traffic is lost. After some research, I found that there are too much common mistakes on site and users do them very often. I decided to make tutorial with some best technics which you can use with our instruments and show you some examples

First of all, many people don’t know that any CMS, like wordpress is not seo optimized from scratch. You should add some small preparation before make site live. Check our article how to make seo optimization on site

Second – try to use only those plugin which you understand and use on site. Too much functions, popups and share icons are bad practice.

I gave buyer some advices and then, I tried to check his content. Usually, this is main problem. I got a look on posts and found that all of them is just simple list, something like this


I took one of line, wraped it with “” and searched in google.

And, ooooops, I found the same content on Banggood, Amazon and many other retailer websites. Problem is that Amazon, Banggood and other popular webshops are very trustable sites, they can use not unique content. Google compares content from different sources, robots find that much more trusted sites has the same content, that’s why your page will be placed on omitted search which is hidden by default.. So, if you don’t want to have this penalty – don’t make 100% copy of content of webshops. This is why I don’t recommend users to create site based on deal xml from affiliate system. Be smarter. Let me give you next step of my investigation.

After some time, I found that there are some sites in search that also uses the same content from Banggood, but they are still on first places. One of very interesting thing is that other buyer which uses the same theme and similar structure has his site 4 times from 4-8 place for the same keyword. How do they do this?

I compared their content and content from page in omitted search. They also use simple specification in content, BUT their content is more flexible and complex.

One of site has good community, users add many comments and this makes page more unique even if body of post is 100% copy.


Comments are simple, but they have good keywords. You can also add fake comments on page or create fake feedbacks on site.

Other site added mixed content from several sources, added review box (with review heading and descriptions which are required), more structured content, unique offer boxes.

So, after all, I decided to make video tutorial how to use our products and create very good comparison, deal site. Of course, it’s better if you have unique content or mix of unique and not unique, because not unique site is always a risk to have a ban. So, I will show how to make different types: for adding some valuable blocks to existed unique content and how to make whole site on autopilot.

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  1. Getting data from aliexpress I get data with russian localization that is useless for me.
    How can I set the localization?

  2. Thanks for this great write up, do your themes also have the latest schema support like the star rating on this page?

  3. Hi Kindly add content egg support for & these are not available to sync prices Rehub Theme.

  4. Is there a Plugin to Auto-Comment on the Product pages (with Spyntax)?

  5. you are the godfather of affiliate in wordpress.

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