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How to make Learning site with tutorials on Tutor LMS and Rehub theme

In this tutorial, I am going to show you some specific settings related to Rehub theme and Tutor LMS plugin to make best nice looking site with lessons, ...

How to make digital product marketplace with license manager on WordPress and Rehub theme

Recently we made a new demo for digital marketplaces and now we want to share some secrets and tips on this topic. We will show you basic settings for Digital ...

Must have configuration steps for woocommerce shop

I see that many people do the same mistakes again and again, so, we decided to write common article about steps which you should do after Woocommerce ...

08/09/2020 Rehub Theme Notice
Some vendor plugins use My account page for vendor registration. But some plugins require to have separate page for vendor registration. Anyway, check documentation of vendor plugin if you want to allow users to register as vendors on your site. Copy link to page which you want to use as registration page and place it in Theme option – user option – custom register
How to make cashback site on wordpress and Rehub theme

What is cashback and how it works? Cashback functions are usually available on different types of affiliate websites, deal sites and coupon sites. It’s ...

How to make directory, classified, review website with woocommerce

What is the reason to use woocommerce for directory site? Well, even in fact that woocommerce is mostly for e-commerce, it can be easily converted for ...

How to make user driven Community with Rehub theme

Here, we start another step by step tutorial about creating communities on Rehub. I will describe creating Deal (or Coupon Community), but you can use this ...

Smart Autoblog for Affiliate Websites with Rehub theme and plugins

Today, we will discuss several ways to make your site on autopilot with Rehub theme and different plugins (Content Egg, Affiliate Egg,  WP All import, etc) ...

How to make smart profitable, deal, affiliate and comparison site on Woocommerce

Today, I will show you how to create smart profitable affiliate site on Woocommerce with help of Rehub theme and Content Egg plugin. If you don't have this ...

Step by step guide for creating affiliate website with Rehub theme

In this article, we will show you some tips and all settings which can be helpful for creating profitable affiliate website. You need to have Rehub theme for ...

AMP posts – tips, technics and when to use

Last month we had very important fact - first time in history, mobile web had more unique visits that web. I guess, this trend will continue. This is why we ...

Creating Social Business advanced membership site Buddypress and S2member on Rehub theme

There are many ways to use Wordpress nowdays. Today, I will show you several examples how to get most powerful features of Buddypress and Wordpress to create ...

Creating profitable modern price comparison sites with Rehub

We are glad to introduce our next child theme Rewise. It was designed for price comparison sites, but you can use it for any type of sites as theme has modern ...

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