Smart Autoblog for Affiliate Websites with Rehub theme and plugins

Today, we will discuss several ways to make your site on autopilot with Rehub theme and different plugins (Content Egg, Affiliate Egg,  WP All import, etc)

Before we start, I want to point you on one common mistake. I see it mostly every day in comments and emails. People just want to have “magic button” and look for way to make just single click without any efforts. Well, there are many plugins which allow to make such site very fast. For example, you can use plugins Woozone, EasyAzon, Woocommerce affiliate plugin with our theme. All plugins for woocommerce will work also with theme. But how do they work? You choose category, click on button and plugin just copy all products from Amazon to your site.

“It looks awesome” – you think for first time when you see such site. The same thoughts have also thousands another guys. But after weeks, months, years, such site doesn’t give you any good income. Why? It’s because it’s useless for users and it got penalty in google very fast for non unique content. Just open any site which is made with import plugins – they are very very similar and you will find thousands similar sites which are made on the same plugins, with the same content and structure.

So, instead of spending time for useless things, it’s better to make some efforts and make sites which can give you cash even on long distance. To do this, you must be a bit smarter than other and we will give you good start knowledge to make smart profitable site on autopilot. Our purpose is to make excellent instruments with different possibilities. Your purpose is find your own best way for this instrument and make unique combination.

First of all, we will explain technical side and I will show you different ways of autoblog which you can have.

Content Egg Autoblog

How it works

Update - 2021.06.11Free version of this plugin is bundled with theme and can be used to start basic affiliate site. If you need much more modules, you can go with PRO version

To start Autoblog, go to Content Egg – Add Autoblogging, you will see next two fields.

Content Egg  uses keywords to search among active modules. So, mostly, it works similar like search engine. For example, you add keyword “Iphone 5s” and plugin searches among enabled modules, get offers and creates product with these data. In right part of screen, you can find keyword suggester. Before you place keyword for autoblog task, you can check similar keywords, find some common keywords, trends and even products. It’s something like keyword helper tool inside plugin, so, you don’t need to buy or use separate tool for this.

Each keyword must be from separate line. Each keyword will be a task for autoblog and will be converted to product page. Plugin will gather all data from enabled modules. Sometimes, you may want to use different keywords for different modules in the same product. For example, you want to search “Iphone 8” in Amazon, but “Iphone 8 64GB white” inside Ebay module, but you don’t want to make separate products for each keyword. In this case, you can add keywords in next format

Main Keyword;ModuleId1:Keyword 1;ModuleId2:Keyword 2;

Where Main Keyword is general keyword for product, and ModuleId1 – id of first module and Keyword 1 is keyword which will be used for this Module.

How to get Module ID? Go to Content Egg – Settings. You will find tabs for each available module. Module ID = Module name on tab, but without space. For example, module id of “Admitad Products” will be “AdmitadProducts”. Module ID starts from capital letter.

Content Egg uses Affiliate Networks API. It doesn’t use direct shops. This means  that you must register in affiliate network which you want to use with plugin. Usually, buyers made one mistake. For example, they want to show prices from big shops in their country:, bestbuy, cesco, etc. They check list of supported networks of Content Egg, can’t find their shops and think that it’s not available. Each supported network can have thousands of available shops and offers. So, check list and find network which is working in your country. Usually, this network has all shops which you need. You must register inside network and check available shops.

Only shops which provide product feed data can be accessible by API of network.

Some big shops have own API and we added them as separate modules (Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart). Even if you can’t find any affiliate network for your country, it’s possible to make custom parsers for shops which you need. Write to email support(dog) for this. Also, many separate shop parsers can be available with Affiliate Egg integration

Woocommerce or Posts?

Content Egg supports any post type. We recommend to use woocommerce if you want to make product directory or if price per each product is important to you. Example of such product directory site are on our demo and

If you want to make something like deal sites, idea, gift sites, product set sites, you can use Autoblog for Posts. Example are:,

Preparation for Autoblog

Before start of autoblog, go to settings of each module and change next field

This field is used for number of offers which will be chosen for each module. For example, if you want to have Price comparison (when each module has only one offer with price from each module), it’s better to set here “1”

Also, you can set Price update period, Enable modules and of course you must add API keys. Check docs of plugin for each module settings

Also, if you want to create automatically featured image of product from one of modules, enable this option in one or several modules

Next important part is Product Synchronization. It allows to add and synchronize Product price with lowest price offer which will be added by autoblog.

If you use woocommerce for autoblog – You must enable Automatic synchronization for this as described in docs

If you use Posts and want to enable Synchronization – you can enable it in theme option – affiliate – content egg synchronization

Type of products with Content Egg autoblog

Important thing – Content Egg adds several offers and modules to product, so, you can use Content Egg for creating three basic types of products or posts.

  1. Price comparison of Product (when you show several offers for the same product from several merchants or modules). This is most hard to make with autoblog,  because not all affiliate networks support this. Use autoblog for woocommerce for this type of site.
  2. Product Name as keyword. You will get something like Product Directory on site. Each keyword will have direct name of Product. For example “Canon 600d”.  Use autoblog for woocommerce for this type of site.
  3. Product Hub. When you show different products in one list, for example, “Best action cameras”.  You can use Posts or Products.

There are Pros and Cons for each type of product and only testing will give you best results for your niche.

The main problem of all types is that affiliate networks can return not relevant results or mix of different results. For example, instead of “Iphone 8”, some networks can return “Iphone 8 cases” or “Iphone 8 accessory” products. It’s depending on network API, however we added some possible ways to solve this problem. Most of networks allow to filter results by additional data. Usually, it’s price filter or category filter. We can use it to limit range of our search. of course, Iphone can’t have such price as glass protector for iphone, so, you can limit price range to make more relevant search.

Price Comparison Type

I can tell you that it’s very hard to make relevant Price comparison site with autoblog when you compare prices for the same product in one Product page. This is strongly depending on modules which you use. Amazon has very good API and results are great, but when you combine it with other modules, results can be not as expected. The only possible way to make relevant auto Price comparison – use direct EAN code instead keyword. EAN is universal identification code of product. It will give you 100% relevancy in autoblog. Not all modules support EAN code. Currently only next: Affilinet Products, Amazon, Tradedoubler Products, Impactradius, Zanox

Product Name as keyword

Try to use direct name of product. Don’t use too long keywords for such type. For example, keyword “best camera of 2017 year amazing Panasonic GH5” can have unexpected results. But “Panasonic GH5” can be good.

Product Hub Type

Try to be more specific. I see that many users use some keywords like “Yoga”. There are millions of products with such name in title. So, it’s wrong key. But key “Yoga pants” or even “yellow yoga pants” are more specific and can get better results

So, my advice. Just try different combinations to find the best way. Each niche can have different results in autoblog. Even if your results are not 100% relevant, it’s not huge problem. Usually, users just check your product list and make a click. Remember, the main purpose of autoblog is User Click on affiliate button and redirect user to original site. Once he clicks the link, he gets cookie in browser and you get commission even if user leaves your site after this.

The best way to increase relevancy – testing. Try one or two keywords for autoblog, check results. You can also make preview test of autoblog. For this, create draft product, search offers by one keyword, choose first offers in all results. Publish product and check it. You can also change Product Layout to see how it will look with different Product Layouts

Making great design and Layout for Autoblog

With extended integrations and combinations between theme and plugin you can get really great design for auto products. There is no any other theme and plugin which can give you such level of details, design and layout on autopilot. Users can think that your site is made by professional content team instead script. To archive this, you must add small details to autoblog task.

First of all, we added good Product layouts to theme which can be used special for Autoblog. Such Product layout can have great look even for products without any text content.

Here examples of such Product layouts:

  1. Review with Blocks Product Layout. This is most great Product layout for autoblog. Key for field is – ce_woo_blocks. Good for any type as it shows full list of offers and titles Demo

Product Layouts can be set globally in theme option – shop settings. Use this way if you want to have the same product layout for all products. If you want to have different Product layouts per each product, you can choose them in right panel in each product. Of course, it will be hard to open each product after autoblog and change product layout. This is why we made option to set Product Layout per each product inside autoblog. For this, go to bottom of page when you do autoblog task and add next

In left part set key _rh_woo_product_layout, in right part set Key for Product layout.

Review with Blocks is layout which is usually used by our buyers, because it shows full List of products with names, so, it’s more universal and can be used for both types of Autoblog Products (Comparison and Product Hub).

All these 3 Product layout show all information, tabs and sections automatically, you don’t need to do any other configuration in Autoblog. Images, videos, product list, description will be posted automatically. I recommend to enable Youtube Module (and maybe google news module) to have more sections, Amazon module. If you want to have maximum quality, you can also enable cross Link sections (for advanced users of wordpress)

Key names of all Product and Post Layouts

  1. Review with Blocks Product Layout. Key for field is – ce_woo_blocksDemo
  2. Content Egg List Layout. Use it only for Price Comparison Type. Key for field is – ce_woo_list.  Demo
  3. Content Egg Auto Section. Use it only for Price Comparison Type. Key for field is – ce_woo_sectionsDemo
  4. Default with sidebar. Key is default_with_sidebar. Demo
  5. Default without sidebar. Key is default_no_sidebar. Demo
  6. Full width Extended. Key is full_width_extended. Demo
  7. Sections with sidebar. Key is sections_w_sidebar. Demo
  8. Full width Photo. Key is full_photo_booking. Demo
  9. Compare Prices. Key is Compare prices. Demo

For Post layouts, you must use key _post_layout and next possible values

  • meta_outside – Title outside
  • meta_center – Title is centered
  • meta_compact – Compact offer block
  • meta_compact_dir – also Compact offer block
  • corner_offer – Price label in top corner
  • meta_in_image – Title inside image
  • meta_in_imagefull – Title inside full width image
  • meta_ce_compare_auto_sec – Auto content Content Egg (good for Autoblog based on Product names)
  • big_post_offer – big offer block in top (better for one offer posts)
  • offer_and_review – special for review posts

Product Layout combinations with Content Egg Shortcodes

Review with Blocks Product Layout and Auto content Content Egg are Layouts which already included price list, price graph, videos and many other things. So, you just need to configure title. These layouts are greate without content. But also, you can make your own combination with different Product Layouts and Content Egg shortcodes. I will give you some interesting ideas and ways to make them

Extended Layout with Custom Product Tab and Logo List widget

You can do such combination also with autoblog. First of all, set Product layout as Full width Product Extended in autoblog as described above. Next part, you can add common shortcode of Content Egg inside Content of Autoblog Task

How to find list of all Common Shortcodes? Before you do any autoblog task, i recommend you to make draft of one product and test how everything will work and look. Autoblog creates the same Products as you do manually, so, you can test your own combinations before making autoblog.

To get all lists of available common shortcodes (common shortcode gather data of all offers from all modules and place in one block), click on top part of Content Egg panel in Product, choose shortcode and copy it from left field near dropbox

You can also add shortcode to area under Button using our Custom Product Areas

In this example, I use next settings for custom field section

First key – _rh_woo_product_layout, value = full_width_extended

Second key – rh_code_incart, value = [content-egg-block template=custom/all_logolist_widget]

rh_code_incart is special key of custom code area near button, you can set there shortcodes or any static information to give more attention to users (for example, you can set there notice about free shipping or different deals which are provided by shops). See many examples in our docs

There are two custom areas. rh_code_incart is key for area near button, rehub_woodeals_short is key for area near short description

If you want to add something globally to Woo Products – use theme option – shop settings – Extended custom areas. For posts – themes option – ads option – single areas

Content Egg placeholders

When you configure Title template, you will see many placeholders which you can use in any of field for autoblog (title, content, custom field). There are several available placeholders.

  • %ModuleID.title% Will show title of lowest product for your ModuleID. For example, %Amazon.title%. You can also use next %Amazon.0.title% – this will get first offer Title from Amazon module. %Amazon.1.title% will get title of second product
How to get Module ID? Go to Content Egg – Settings. You will find tabs for each available module. Module ID = Module name on tab, but without space. For example, module id of “Admitad Products” will be “AdmitadProducts”. Module ID starts from capital letter.

This is group of different placeholder which can get any field from Offer. What is Main Product? It’s Main Offer for Autoblog. In the end of Autoblog fields, you will find such option like Main product

Here you can choose your main Product which will be used for PRODUCT placeholder. Once you choose it, you can use next placeholders

  • %PRODUCT.title% – Title of product
  • %PRODUCT.price% – Price of Product
  • %PRODUCT.priceOld% – Old price of Product (before sale, this field is not available for all products)
  • %PRODUCT.merchant% – Merchant
  • %PRODUCT.domain% – Donain of Product url
  • %PRODUCT.description% – description of Product (you must also enable parsing description inside settings of modules, by default, it’s 300 symbols)
  • %PRODUCT.img% – link on image of Product
  • %PRODUCT.url% – original url of product

Configuring Title and Content

All Placeholders which we Provide above will work inside Title and Template for post for Autoblog

Template for post is field which will generate Post/Product Content. It’s the same as you add content to Text editor of Post. You can use here any shortcodes (including theme shortcodes), HTML (like headings).

For example, I often use Title box shortcode

Dont’ forget, that if you want to copy some styles from Post Text Editor and use them in Autoblog, you must switch Visual mode to Text mode and copy all content

Also, all Content fields support formulas. This is something like choosing random word from range of words. For example, formula {Discount|Sale|Cheap} will get one of word from these 3 words while autoblog. This way allows you to make each post more unique. For example, you can use next

Get your {Best discount|Cheap product|Sale Offer} from %PRODUCT.domain%

Will generate:

Get your best discount from

Modules for Autoblog

There are several sections where you can choose modules in Autoblog

Only chosen and Exclude Modules

If you don’t set here any module, all modules will be used for Autoblog. Make sure that you didn’t choose the same modules for chosen and excluded.

Automatic update

If you choose these modules, autoblog will also add Keyword for autoupdate for chosen modules. This will overwrite whole products instead of price update. It’s useful, for example, for Ebay offers which exist limited time, so, plugin will delete old offers and replace them with new after each keyword autoupdate. Read more about this option

Required Modules

If autoblog can’t get offers from these modules, it will not be published. For example, Amazon is your main money income. So, you can add it to Required Modules and if plugin will not find any offer for Amazon, autoblog will stop post publishing.

Affiliate Egg Integration

Good thing in Content Egg is Affiliate Egg integration. You can enable many direct web parsers to work inside Content Egg environment. It can be very useful when you want to use direct web parsing without affiliate networks. Also, some Affiliate Egg parsers can parse User reviews which will be published as product’s user reviews. For this, enable review parsing setting in Affiliate Egg module. More about Affiliate Egg integration and difference between parsing method in CE and AE read in docs

Adding Editor’s Reviews to product with autoblog

Each product can have Editor’s Review. But you can also add Review with Autoblog with some secret placeholders.

First of all, we still use Custom field section. Keys for Reviews are next:


So, use it as key and as value use next text


This will take random number from 7-10

%RANDOM(0,100)% will generate random number from range 0-100. You can use this placeholder in any fields of autoblog

Adding Fake Activities

You can add also some fake activities to posts and products with the same method as described for Reviews. Field which can be useful:

post_hot_count – for adding Thumbs/Hot count

rehub_views – number of views

Affiliate Egg Autoblog

There is big difference between Affiliate Egg and Content Egg Autoblog. Content Egg Autoblog is for making price or product comparisons. Affiliate Egg Autoblog is for making deal sites. When you add keywords in CE Autoblog, they will be posted only once, then autoblog will stop. Affiliate Egg Autoblog can work endless time. It doesn’t have any keywords, instead of this, you can use direct link on category, search or archive pages of supported original site.

Some examples:

  • Amazon deal page –
  • Amazon category page –
  • Amazon category page with search filters (rated above 4 stars and price above $200)

If site has search filters, you can click on them and then, copy link from browser to this page and use this link in Affiliate Egg Autoblog. Plugin will get products from this page. Then, you can choose how often check this link. If plugin find some new products from link – they will be posted on your site.

There is also placeholders which can be used in Title, but there is no Content field. Instead of this, you can choose Template for ShopFronts. I recommend to use templates which has no title.

For example, how will look your post with Template “Big Product card without title”

AE Autoblog can be used only for posts, so, you can use Content Egg inside Woocommerce Products and AE Autoblog inside Posts to add Deal section on site. Affiliate Egg autoblog can be used to create such sites like on autopilot. If you need such site, I recommend to use our Repick Child theme, because it’s more easy to use it for such type of sites. Also, Repick (and Rewise, Recash) has special option which makes all links from title and images go to external site (so, users can’t get your inner pages and will be redirected directly to original site). For this, use Theme option – Repick option – affiliate links from title and image (or theme option – general option – affiliate links from title and image in Rewise and Recash)

Don’t forget  to setup your deeplinks before making autoblog

Some additional settings for Repick child theme which can help to get more money

Affiliate Egg is not included in theme, but you can get some discount to purchase plugin

Bulk Import and Fill Extension

Another possible way of autoblog is to use our Bulk Import  It allows you to import products or posts from xml or csv feed. You can get this feed from your affiliate network, all networks provide such feeds.

Well, mostly, it’s not Autoblog, it’s something like quick copy of affiliate offers to your site. I don’t like this way, but you may find it very good, because it allows to have many products on site at once. Chances to get penalties from google will be also very high for sites based on bulk import. Anyway, you can improve such site with Fill extension of Content Egg

Fill Extension

Fill extension is the same as autoblog, but it works on existed Products and doesn’t create new products. It allows to add some additional data from modules to existed products. Before you start Fill extension, make some preparations. They are totally the same as for Autoblog (you must configure modules, choose number of results). You can also add custom fields and formulas in the same way as in Autoblog.

The most important part of Fill extension is Keyword source. In regular autoblog you can add keywords, but Fill extension is for existed products and you must take keyword from Product Fields. The most easy way is to set it as Title of Post. For Example, your Post title is “Iphone 8”, plugin will try to find offers with the same name in modules and add them to post/product. If plugin detects that module already has data, it will do nothing. This will allow to avoid rewriting existed information in products and fill only those products which don’t have information

Making Price Comparison with Fill extension

Imagine situation that you imported offers from AWIN network with Bulk import Tool. You have one offer in each product. Now, you want to have price comparison and you want to fill additional prices for each product. You can use EAN codes for this. Steps are next:

  1. Enable Offer module in Content Egg
  2. Use our Content Egg addon for WPAI, which you can download from Rehub – Plugins
  3. Enable Woocommerce synchronization for Offer module
  4. Import offers from your network to Offer module of Content Egg with our addon
  5. While import, add also EAN code from your feed (I hope your network provide EAN codes in feeds) to SKU field of woocommerce
  6. After this, when you use Fill extension, choose Custom field as Keyword Source and set value as _sku

and run Fill. This must add relevant exact offers to your existed Products. Please, note. Not all modules support EAN codes. See list in docs

To show price list automatically in all products, choose one of Product layouts for Content Egg in Theme option – shop settings.

How to add more content to Products with Fill extension

Fill extension can be used not only for price comparison, but also for adding video content, text content, news to products, because you can use Fill data with Youtube module, google news module, VK news, google images, etc

This way can be helpful when you already have many products and want to improve them with adding some relevant video content or images.

You can add such content, then show it in products with Custom tab Just create global custom tab, for example “See also” or “Video”, etc and use one of content egg shortcodes there to generate content from modules. You can find shortcodes inside your admin panel when you create Product or Post

General strategy and recommendations

Choosing niche

Niche is very important. Good niche must be not high competitive and must have enough offers with good price. I see that a lot of buyers do mistake – they choose a high competitive niche and try to replicate some popular sites. For example, they make site about Mobiles. First of all, check how many sites exist in your niche and how good these sites. Better to use specific niche. For example, I know some buyers made good site about Baby Monitors for their country. This is good example of niche which was good at past (not now). Also, it’s always good to choose niche which is interesting for you or which you understand.

Choosing keywords

There are several strategies for keywords and types of posts. In previous steps i wrote which types of posts you can make with plugin. Here also some sites which can help to find keywords

KWFinder  can give you many ideas about keywords and also calculate their SEO difficulty

Keyword Planner – yes, it’s still. Google can help you to find keywords with their planner – yes, you are right, this is Ebay. How to use it as keyword searcher – easy, type any general keyword in search, for example “dj turntables” – you will have many additional suggestions after search

Affiliate Networks feeds – If you want to get many product names or EAN codes you can use feeds of affiliate networks. All networks provide such feed in xml or csv format. You will need CSV format for this purpose. Create feed, then open file in Excel or any program for tables and you can copy column with names. You can also sort by EAN column, so, all products with EAN codes will be first and without EAN will be in bottom of table and you can delete them. Then, Copy column with EAN codes

Configuring Title

Title is most important part of autoblog, because good title can generate good positions in search engines. Never leave simple default title, like this

Instead of this, it’s much better to use placeholders and formulas in title. Example:

{%PRODUCT.title% – price comparison|%KEYWORD% – is it worth to buy?|%PRODUCT.title% – where to buy?}

You can also add country in title if you make local niche site. For example:

Where to buy %PRODUCT.title% in USA

There are hundred of combinations of such titles. Sometimes I use small tips to increase clicking. For example, such title usually shows more better clicks

Don’t buy %PRODUCT.title%, read this first

I recommend to use the same methods also for creating templates for content

Seo of sites on autopilot

Well, seo is weak side of sites on autopilot, because mostly, such sites are not unique and search engines don’t like such sites. Usually, users who earn money on autoblog sites make minimum 10 sites with different niches and strategies. After different testing, you will find your best way of making autoblog. So, I strongly recommend to add any statistic plugin and maybe AB testing plugin to check which product pages have best clicks and conversion. Our theme has also several Product layouts, you can choose and test them. Also Rehub provides some code for analytics to get click statistic on buttons

Also, i recommend to install seo plugins, like Seo By yoast. Read some seo recommendations in article

Mostly, your autoblog products will be already seo optimized by theme, so, just install seo plugin to improve general seo of site (set Homepage titles and descriptions with plugin).

The most profitable websites on autopilots always combine different methods. For example, you can make some posts manually to make them 100% quality, high seo optimized, then, promote such posts in widgets to give them more link juice. You can use Rehub: Top offers widgets, Rehub: ajax tabs, Rehub: better menu. You can make such posts from time to time to mix them with autoblog products. Or make separate section on your site where you will have only unique manual content. For example, such section can be Review section. Good example also “Rumors” section. Usually, I make autoblog for Woocommerce Products, Reviews in Posts and Rumors section in Blog (you can enable separate Blog posts in Theme option – affiliate). Then, I make crosslinking from my products to such reviews. I use many of unique functions of theme for this, like Top lists, Top set pages, Hub of Products, crosslinks blocks. You can find many examples and tutorials in this part of our docs “Best tools to increase conversion” Especially, you may want to improve crosslinks to your unique posts from products. I recommend to read part about crosslinks You need some time to make good cross links, but it’s only one time job, then, all cross link blocks will be updated. If you want to have most fast crosslinks and don’t want to spend too much time, use next part of crosslink shortcode

Another good way to increase Seo of autoblog products is to check your statistic and get most best published products with traffic. Then, try to improve such Products. Add unique content on such products. Add, better Review scores to them, cross links blocks, try to check relevancy of autoblog offers and replace them if they are not 100% relevant

Just remember, 20% of best products of site give you 80% of income. Sometimes it’s good to make additional unique pages and use best tools of our theme on them and keep autoblog just for making more pages on site

What if you got penalty

Sometimes shirt happens. As any other site, even with unique content, your autoblog site can get penalties. There is no any guarantee from google that your site will be in top even if you have great content and 100% optimization. What to do? Usually, i just ignore this and create new site. Testing, experiments will give you good understanding which your site has more favor in google and which are not.

You will see that some autoblog sites have better positions, better traffic and conversion. So, give more efforts to such sites and start to add there unique content, slow down autoblog period on such site to increase number of unique posts and pages. Try to understand why this site gives you more money as other site.

You can easily move license of theme and plugin to new site, so, you will not lose money which you paid for theme and plugins.

Helper Tools

[wpsm_hidelink text=”Keyword finder” link=””]
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