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Content Egg – is a WordPress plugin that allows you with just a couple of clicks to add products from different affiliate systems and additional content to your posts: images, videos, news, books, messages from social networks and other thematic materials.

Works with modern affiliate systems:

Amazon Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR, IT,…)
EBay (including local stores)
Aliexpress (native affiliate program and CPA-network)
Admitad (coupons and products)
Affiliate Window
Yandex Market
Commission Junction (offers & coupons) (offers & coupons)
Linkshare and more

Also content modules are available:

Bing Images
Google Books
Google News
Rss Fetcher

Also has additional modules for video, images, social networks, news, books, etc

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Content Egg deal
Content Egg deal
$47.49 $49.99

  1. Is the list with supported affiliate networks up to date?

    I want to know if these affiliate networks are supported at this moment:

    – affilinet
    – daisycon
    – family blend
    – belboon
    – tradetracker
    – webgains

    Thanks in advance
    Kind Regards,

  2. how to add deal store in content egg in autoblogging

  3. Whether flipart is included in bundle or add-on?

  4. hi igor,i got my lisence key yesterday for content egg pro but missed most of affiliate modules
    Ozon Ozon
    Admitad Admitad
    Shareasale Shareasale
    Affilitewindow Affilitewindow
    Otimisemedia Otimisemedia
    Tradedoubler Tradedoubler (offers & coupons)
    Flipkart Flipkart
    PayTM PayTM

    how to get them?

  5. Can you add more stores like snapdeal, tatacliq, shopclues, homeshop18, shopcj

    • Content Egg is not for direct shop parsing. We have another plugin for this – Affiliate Egg and all of these shops are already available in it

  6. Hi, can use scrap for any page?

  7. Hi. Content Egg is a really great plugin.

    But there is no tutorial to use the autoblog.
    Example: You can also use separate keywords for some modules:
    Main Keyword;ModuleId1:Keyword 1;ModuleId2:Keyword 2;

    No explanation

    Also for
    Template for title of post Use tags: %KEYWORD%, %KEYWORD.ModuleID%, %PRODUCT.title%, %PRODUCT.price%, %PRODUCT.merchant%, %PRODUCT.domain%, %PRODUCT.manufacturer%,…
    For display data of plugin use special tags, for example: %Amazon.title%.
    You also can set index number for access to data of plugin %Amazon.0.price%.

    All thes variables aren’t explained. And i’d like to put some variables in my masterspin.
    Which variables can be retrieved?

    Also a good update would be to add an option to put a csv for autoblog where we can put data inside csv into the masterspin in the template.


    But can you explain me what’s the variables %….% and wich data can be retrieved from amazon and Module1:keyword ….

    There is nothing in the pdf tutorial

    • there is video and tutorial but for old version of plugin. New autoblog feature will be explained once we add some major improvements in nearest update for autoblog

      About veraibles. I guess they are quite easy, because %PRODUCT.manufacturer% is manufacturer of Product which was used in autoblog, etc.

      CSV extension will be added also soon, almost ready

      • Thanks for your reply. But it seems that there are more option because i see %PRODUCT.domain%, %PRODUCT.manufacturer%,…
        There is …
        Si i wonder what are the orher variable for %Product.


  8. Hi,
    Can affiliate egg works same with rehub for price comparison as content egg?

  9. Hi ,

    Thanks for your information. I have three questions:

    1. I want to add price compare function in my review post like content egg sample site. But I am scaring if I put such as amazon, walmart, ebay ,, target together, will it break their TOS and cause my affiliate account banned?

    2. I see the content egg is using amazon, ebay trade mark image in the price compare page, can I use such as walmart, target as well? I also see many affiliate site is using big seller trade mark image, for example, is using tons of them. Did they apply the permission from these giant sellers?

    3. It looks like the affiliate egg harvest the data directly from web site page. Did this action against the web site policy which will cause legal issue?

    Many thanks

    • No, you can compare prices from different stores in one post without problems

      2. I never find any problems with walmart and logos. Mostly, only Amazon has very hard rules, but CE plugin follows their rules as much as possible

      3. We parse only prices, feature list and title from product page, also you send users to original shop, so, they also have profit from this (more than you as affiliate partner). Anyway, we don’t parse whole content from products

  10. Hi Just wondering if you can assist. We are wanting to set up an affiliate shop where there is just a shop page of products by category and you click on the product and it takes you directly to external website. Does the Grid format of Content Egg do this.

    • You will need our recash or repick child theme, then, synchronize Content Egg offers with theme. Then, you can disable inner links and all links from shop page of site will go to external site instead inner post

  11. i am using content egg free version. i want to buy pro.
    I am getting this error when running autoblogging
    Required module Amazon will not run. The module is not configured or deleted

    I want to know if these affiliate networks are supported :

  12. Is supported

  13. I have a site Best of XXX where there are 10 products, is it possible to divide the list for each product? What are the shortcodes to use?

  14. What is your policy on live and dev site usage?

  15. Is Avantlink on the list?

  16. Dear Bro any Xmas Offer for CE?

  17. Hi,

    Is there a possibilities to import all the coupons only as each post with this plugin.

  18. Is it support VCommission, CueLinks affiliates???

  19. Hi,

    I bought the plugin a while ago. Although it’s a great plugin and many nice features I run into some problems.

    – It seems it’s collecting a huge amount of image files on my server. I run quickly out of data space because of that. More than 1.5 gig of image files and I’m using only a couple on a few pages. Not even more than 5 pages. I guess when you do a search it saves all the files on your server?

    – I’m using Tradetracker affiliate. I was searching high and low to figure out how to update the price. Which I found out it’s not possible. Only by keyword which i don’t know really how that works. I have 6 products which i want to have updated prices. Is that not possible? Not even by hand?

    – I’m using and using the shortcode to add products on a page. The problem, after a while totally different products and prices show up then I initially had saved. I don’t know why but it seems I can’t use it as it changes the products every time.

    Great plugin but i’m unable to use it like this.

    Hope you know some solutions.

    • 1. Plugin doesn’t import any images on your site and use external images. it saves images ony our site only if you enable such option. And it’s not problem of plugin, it’s default wordpress function

      2. Tradetracker has not the best API and they don’t allow to update price. When it will be available, we will add this. You can use other module if it’s critical for you

      3. Because you set keyword for autoupdate. Read difference between price update and keyword update

      • Oh thanks for the tip about the keyword for autoupdate. I didn’t realize I put a keyword there.

        Do you have an idea why the same image is downloaded multiple times? Same size of image. Have a look

        You mean with the other module Affiliate Egg? If I buy that then I guess it will not work for all tradetrackers merchants? So, I have to buy your service for each domain? So it will become too costly for me.

        • It’s not the same image. same name doesn’t mean that it’s the same image.

          2. I mean that there are also many other modules in Content Egg which havethe same offers as tradetracker

        • Not clear how these offers depend on your question about images. Also, it’s not required to save images on server, disable this option in module

  20. Is this working on Lazada?

  21. Do you have plans to support AvantLink soon?

  22. They fully support OptimiseMedia (india) right ? and why not 50% discount for theme buyer ?

  23. what is use of : Also content modules are available:

    Bing Images
    Google Books
    Twitter ?

  24. I using content egg with rehub theme, I dont see where to connect with Shareasale, Rakuten.

  25. If I want to compare prices from website that are not included in the above list… Then how can I add them? Like Snapdeal, ShopClues

  26. Hi,

    Few doubts & queries :

    1) What is the basic difference between Content Egg Pro & Affiliate Egg Pro?
    2) If I want to buy Affiliate Egg Pro, do I need to buy Content Egg Pro also?
    3) I want to parse from Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, AliExpress, Gearbest & Banggood.
    4) Will I get lifetime update once I purchase or update is limited?

  27. I have purchased ReHub Theme. Any discounts for Content egg pro plugin??

  28. For Clickbank, is Affiliate Pro and/or Content Pro best?

  29. Hi,
    I’m planning to build a price comparison website for the e-commerce’s in my country. But there are no module for the local websites.
    How can I add those shops to my website? I need to add 5/6 local e-commerce site to content egg.

  30. Houston, I need my EGGS” to get even more discount coupon.

  31. did there are Arabic language & Arab markets like
    more …

    if not Can how i add it !!


  33. So you can add amazon products without a API (3 Sales Qualifier) to get an API code

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