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There are many cases when you may need to customize your site. Maybe you want to add new functions or add changes for core functions. It’s very important to make safe changes which you will not lose while update.

Our toolkit can be used to customize Rehub theme. You can customize not only main theme but also child themes. Just install this toolkit as plugin.

Go to Plugins – Add new and upload this file. Then, activate it. You can add new functions in functions file of plugin and style codes in style code. You can add all files as you do in child themes. For example, if you want to customize file inc/parts/woogrid.php, just put it in the same folder in root folder of plugin

If you want to pay also for customization service (for example, if you want to pay $30 for customization), you can buy several toolkits. For this, just choose number here

If you want to pay something like $110, choose number (25+) and set proper number of copies, like 11 (so, it will be 11*10 = $110). Depending on your country, you must pay also VAT

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  1. Hi

    I use datafeedr plugin with comparisonsets.
    Can i use your customization service to populate fields.

    I like to use this layout you created


    • Use datafeedr to import to woocommerce products, then, you can create such pages and place there links to woocommerce products

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