Must have configuration steps for woocommerce shop

I see that many people do the same mistakes again and again, so, we decided to write common article about steps which you should do after Woocommerce installation to prevent various issues and incompatibilities.

Basic Woocommerce settings


First thing which you should do on new site is permalinks. Go to settings – permalinks and set them. We recommend to set them as postname. Also, you can change base for products and categories, brands, but we recommend them to leave as default, change only Post links

Account, memberships settings

When you install Woocommerce in first time, plugin will prompt you to run wizard. Don’t skip it, because it will setup important pages and settings.

What to do if you skipped? Ok, simple run page creation from Woocommerce – Status – Tool – Create default Woocommerce pages

Make sure that you have all selected pages in WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced

Next thing is account management. First of all, make sure that you have enabled registration on site in Settings – general.

For new user default role – use Customer

Now, find your My account page. You will need link on this page. Usually, it’s /my-account. You can find your My account page in Pages – All pages

Edit your My account page, checkout page, cart page. Make sure that you have chosen System page layout in page options for these pages. Of course, you can choose also Default page layout + Full width option if you want to keep header on my account pages

Copy link to your my account page. Maybe you will need it in future for theme’s settings.

My account is a page where users can login. It’s also a page where users can see their orders (if you have shop on site). We will use this page also for registration. For this, enable the next option in Woocommerce settings

08/09/2020 Rehub Theme Notice
Some vendor plugins use My account page for vendor registration. But some plugins require to have separate page for vendor registration. Anyway, check documentation of vendor plugin if you want to allow users to register as vendors on your site. Copy link to page which you want to use as registration page and place it in Theme option – user option – custom register

Image setup and Shop Layout setup

If you use any of compatible Woocommere theme, like Rehub, you can edit some parameters for shop. Usually, it’s available from Customizer when you view your site and logged in as Admin.

Simply click on Customize icon and go to Woocommerce settings. Most common field which you should edit is Product Images. Usually, I prefer to disable cropping. Also, you can change ratio, for example, use 4:3 if you like vertical images in your Shop instead of horizontal.

In Woocommerce – Product Catalog, you can also enable or disable visibility of category blocks on Shop pages.

Woocommerce ratings

if you want to enable Woocommerce ratings – go to Woocommerce – settings – products – enable ratings. Usually, they are enabled by default. If you have some problems with ratings even if you have enabled ratings, check our article how to fix rating issues in woocommerce

Woocommerce emails

Woocomerce sends many different emails, for registration, for order, etc. If you want, you may change them in Woocommerce – settings – emails

Woocommerce guidelines

If you need help with other basic Woocommerce functions, like, adding products, tax setup, shipping setup, etc, please, check Woocommerce Guides

Theme’s Specific settings

The next section will describe specific settings for our themes, like Rehub. You can stop reading this if you don’t use Rehub (or buy theme and continue reading 🙂

User login setup

In previous step, we enabled My account page and copied it’s link. Now, it’s time to use this page as our registration page in theme. Go to Theme option – user option and enable login popup + add My account page link as your custom registration link

This option will enable login popup. But you must have also button for registration/login in header or link. For this, go to theme option – header option and enable one of available header layouts. We recommend to use Shop/Comparison Header layout OR Logo + menu in one row for e-commerce sites. Once you enable them, you can enable also Logic icon.

Once user click on icon, he will see login popup or will be redirected to registration page if he clicks on registration.

You can add also Social login icons on Woocommerce register pages. There are many plugins for this, free and pro. If you want to add social login shortcode or some code inside login popup of theme, you can add them in theme option > user option > custom message in popup
When user logged on site, login icon will be replaced by User dropdown menu. Automatically, it will have My account page and Log out link. You can also add there custom links. For this, create new menu in  Appearance > Menus  and assign it to User Logged In Menu location. All links from this menu will be added to dropdown.

Header options, logo options, color options

Header options, color options are available also from Customizer. Check our video about frontend editing for Rehub

Font options can be found in Theme option – font option. Please, don’t use more than 2 custom fonts
Please, note that theme has several logo options. One for desktop site, one for mobile panel and mobile sliding panel. You can find desktop logo settings in theme option – logo option and mobile logos in theme option – mobile and amp. Anyway, when you first setup theme, you will see setup wizard where you can add all logos.
You can find “Create a store” link in header of some demos. You can delete or modify this links in theme option – header option – additional header – Add additional element in header. See more details about header option for multi vendor sites

Configuration of attributes

Woocommerce has good attribute system. If you don’t know how to use attributes, here is some tutorials

Additionally, theme has some advanced functions for attributes. Those are: attribute group, attribute swatches (you can use color, text tags and images as values). Theme also has special areas to show Featured attributes inside Product page and inside product loop. Here is video tutorial how it works

Some demo sites show additional attributes in product loop (camera, flight time), if you don’t know how to remove them, go to theme option – shop settings and remove code from code zone inside product loop

Design of shop and Product pages

Theme has a lot of different styles for product pages and shop pages. Each design has own sides and can be useful for different type of sites. For example, we have some product layouts which are better for Electronic products, digital products, some of product layouts are better for Directory or Product catalogs, affiliate sites, price comparison sites.

You can set product layout for each product separately when you edit it. And choose default global layout in theme option – shop settings – product layout

Next thing which you can change is Shop style. The best way to do this is customizer. It has next section Theme option – Woocommerce Archive settings. In this place you can choose default product loop template, number of products, etc

You can change also general width of site in theme option – general – select width

Also, Category pages have some additional options which you can use. Here some video

Wishlist, Specification comparison setup

When you first install theme, you will quick setup wizard. Don’t skip it, because you can use it for fast installation of all logos, mobile panels, comparison and wishlist pages. if you skiped it, you can return to it in Rehub – registration

You can find also some advanced technics about specifications and how to use Attribute groups in our video

You can find also many interesting options for Product layouts and how to use them in next video

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