Why rating tab doesn’t work in Woocommerce

I got tired to answer on the same questions: why rating tab is not visible in woocommerce, why comment section is not working in WordPress, so, I decided to make Full guideline about all possible issues with comments and ratings in WordPress

How to fix issues with Rating for Woocommerce

First of all, if you want to enable Ratings in Woocommerce, you can do this in Woocommerce – settings – products

Ok, for example, you enabled this option and still can’t see the rating tab. Here is another reason – you have disabled ratings on each product page.

When you edit products – you can find the next option

Make sure that it’s enabled

There is even more easy way to check this. On Products – All products page, click on Quick Edit link and find this option

For example, you have enabled reviews, but still can’t see reviews. So, the issue can be with comments, because Woocommerce review system is based on Comment System. Check next part

How to Fix issue when Comments are not visible in WordPress

First of all, check if you have enabled comments in Settings – Discussion

I marked here the most important parts. You must have enabled the option to Allow people to submit comments. You can enable the option for Anyone posts a comment.

And the most common mistake when users don’t know why they still have a problem with comments or rating is option “Automatically close comments on posts older than ” – Once you enable it – all posts, products which are published 14 days ago will have closed comments.

Another issue is that each post, the product can have disabled comments inside Post settings.

In Post page, click on Dots and Choose Options and Enable Discussion section

Now, you will see a panel with Discussion

Make sure that you have enabled Comments.

If you have disabled comments on many posts, you can enable them in bulk. For this, go to Posts – All Posts (or Products – all products), select products which you want to edit, select Edit in the top left corner and Apply. Enable Comments and Save

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