How to fix wrong price sorting and filters in woocommerce

Some people struggle with problems in woocommerce functions for pricing. Wrong sorting, wrong price filters in widgets. I tried to find some solutions in google but didn’t find something to solve such a problem, so, I decided to make a post about such a problem

Problem is that woocommerce require some database updates when you update plugin or move products from one site to another via Import (XML, demo import). In most cases, woocommerce has notice in top of admin pages which asks you to update database, but sometimes it’s not working as expected.

So, the solution is next. Go to Woocommerce – status – tools

On this page, clean Transients, regenerate Product Lookup tables, Recount terms, and update database

Once you do this, woocommerce triggers cron actions and updates database in background. You need to wait some time. You can go to Scheduled Actions on the same page and find all tasks in background. If you don’t want to wait, choose them and Click to Run

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  1. Hi, I set my site with rehub theme for a while. But recently I noticed that all offer/product search inside shorcode generator (in classic block) is not working anymore.
    I tried everything I know, deactivating plugins, reset rehub, even reinstal wordpress, but all product search is not working.

    Can you help to figure out this issue?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. This worked for me, I am using the ReHub theme. thank you so much

  3. Goodmorning,
    will wp table maker phase out?
    On the i saw “Table maker will no longer be maintained”
    If so, is it for sale?
    Kind regards, Marco (NL)

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