Multi vendor plugins for Woocommerce – most complete comparison

Today, we are going to compare most popular marketplace plugins for woocommerce: WC Vendor, WC Marketplace, WCFM from WClovers and Dokan. Read this first before you start your marketplace.

If you’re building or improving a multi-vendor marketplace on WordPress, it’s very important that you find the best possible option. After all, you want to provide customers with a great experience to keep them returning for more. To help ensure that you select the ideal plugin, we’ve narrowed the choices down to:

  • Dokan
  • MultivendorX (early as WC MarketPlace)
  • WC Vendors
  • WC Lover

While there are certainly others, these have emerged as the most noteworthy. We’ll go over the features of each in detail. That includes those supported by the free and paid versions of each. With the information here, you should be able to identify the best option for your marketplace.

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Common features for all Multi vendor plugins

There are few things which are the same in all multi vendor plugins. All of them allow you to build marketplace sites. So, once users register on such site, he can sell own products. All money will go to Admin first, then, admin set special value of comission and part of sales will be added to vendor’s account. Then, admin pay real money to vendors (manually or via paypal, stripe).

All vendors will have their own dashboard and own Profile (Store) page with their products. So, the main difference between plugins is design of these pages, design of dashboard and number of features which vendors have in their dashboards.

Also, each plugin has own set of addons and PRO version. And their is big difference what is provided inside Free version of each plugin.

WC Vendor

We will start our review from the most oldest plugin on market. Maybe it was the first plugin for marketplaces on woocommerce.

Site of plugin

Free version of plugin is very limited and this is the only one plugin which doesn’t close access to WordPress admin pages for vendors, so, vendors will add all products from WordPress admin dashboard instead of Frontend Form.

Admin pages is very simple on Free version.

So, in free version, vendors can do only very basic things. They can submit products (only from admin dashboard of wordpress), they can get emails once somebody purchase their products and they can get commission from each sale and basic reports. I don’t think that Free version can be used on any marketplace site, so, you can use it only on start.

PRO version price is starting from $199 per year and it has much more options. Here is Admin panel of PRO option

It still looks very basic, but has much more options for vendors and admins

  • Premium Support
  • Front End Task Support Directly from The Plugin
  • Sales Reporting
  • Front End Product Management
  • Shipment Tracking and management
  • Customizable Coupons
  • SEO Capabilities
  • Advanced Templates
  • Social Media Support
  • Multiple Options for Paying Commissions
  • Customer Reviews and Feedback
  • Flexible Commission rates
Complete list of PRO/Free differences

Also, in free version, each vendor can add only description and Store name. In pro version, vendors can add also logo, banners, store address, social links, hours of work, phone. Each vendor can be marked as Featured and Approved by admin in PRO version. Here is design of Store page

Plugin has some addons: Subscription, Booking, Stripe, Auction, Membership. Almost all addons require to have additional plugins. For example, Booking addon will allow you to add Bookable products in vendor dashboards, but you must install also Woocommerce Booking plugin for this

WC Vendor plugin is good if you need minimalism in design. It provides basic features for vendors which are enough for marketplace sites


WultivendorX site

This plugin allows you to create an entire online marketplace. This plugin has different price scenario than other. It doesn’t have PRO version, and all functions are available in free version.

Further extensions can be purchased in the event that you want more front end functionality. These include Advanced Front End Manager, Membership, WooCommerce Catalog Enquiry Pro, Seller Verification, Advanced Shipping, Stock Alerts, SEO, and more. The prices of the available add-ons vary. Some are free, and others are up to $250. The final price you will pay for this plugin will depend on the features that you select.

Vendor dashboard pages looks clean and professional and they has Full width layout. Please, note, that vendor dashboard pages don’t include header, footer of your site, but they have universal styles so will fit to any design

Admin doesn’t have a lot of functions but he can extend them by purchasing addons

In free version, vendors can add only Simple product type. So, if you want to allow external, variable products, you must purchase Premium

Another great feature of plugin is Multiple vendors per product. So, before posting product, vendor can attach his product to similar product if it’s existed on site. And I like overall design and UX of product submit page. Maybe the best from other plugins which I tested

You have near 50 additional addons for PRO version

Plugin will be good choice FOR those who want to have modular system and like such style of dashboard design


Site of plugin

Dokan is most popular multivendor plugin now and this is because it has big team, spend a lot of money on marketing and promotion and authors have other popular plugins like WPUF, WEForms

From last year when I tried plugin, developers made good job and added many functions, but in the same time, free version of plugin became more and more limited, so, we recommend to use only PRO version (starts from $149 per year).

Dokan has great design for dashboard and store lists

As I wrote, free version is very limited, so, I will write about features of PRO version.

  • Reviews
  • Frontend forms with support of all product types (free version of plugin supports only simple Product type)
  • Advanced reports
  • Product duplicator (multiple vendors per product)
  • Seo settings for vendors
  • Contact forms for vendors
  • Store widgets
  • Global notifications for vendors
  • inner support tickets
  • social login
  • Custom shipping per vendor
  • Refund system
  • WPML support for multilanguage sites

Dokan PRO has a lot of features, but real power of plugin can be found when you use their additional modules. And Dokan has really huge amount of addons. Here is some of most interesting:

Subscription Addon

This addon allows to make different submit packs (for example, you can take payment from vendors for monthly submissions). Unlike other addons in WC marketplace and WC vendor, Dokan subscription doesn’t require additional Woocommerce subscription plugin to use subscription packs

Live chat

Available from Business version which starts from $499 per year. Allows to chat between vendors and users directly in your site

Geolocation addon

Allow to add location in vendor dashboard. This location will be added on map on shop page

Wholesale Products

Allow vendors to sell Wholesale products

Dokan is great plugin when you have enough money for PRO version. It has a lot of unique addons, best design and modular system

WCFM from Wclovers

Site of plugin

WCFM was just addon for WC Vendors and Dokan when I found it first on Developers know all weak sides of other multivendor plugins and they decided to combine all possible functions from other plugins and make most functional multi vendor plugin. When you install plugin, you can be overwhelmed with so many possibilities even in free version.

Unlike other plugins, WCFM doesn’t limit free version. Mostly, you can get even more functions which available in PRO versions of other plugin.

Among them:

  • Different commission rates
  • Custom shipping
  • Review System
  • Refund system
  • Ticket system
  • Inquiry system
  • Shop widgets (location, hours of work, social icons, categories and other)
  • Store-wide notices
  • Advanced statistic
  • Reverse withdraw (money goes to vendor first, then vendor pay to admin)
  • Tax classes
  • Multiple vendors per product
  • Listings
  • Coupon system

There are also many small things which are not available in other plugins, but they can be very useful on your site. For example, vendors can add not only Products, but also Articles which you can use for classified posts. And even more, you can assign additional custom fields to product and post’s submit forms

This forms also support very popular ACF plugin, so, you can create flexible forms.

Each vendor and admin gets also notifications (similar to Buddypress notification system)

Additionally, plugin has even Android/Ios applications.

WCFM has incredible amount of integrations with other plugins, which can extend your functionality. Several Booking addons, woocommerce subscriptions, auction and many, many other.

Full list of available integrations

Plugin has no PRO version, but it has Ultimate addon which will extend your site. The price is much cheaper than other plugins and starts from $49

When you install Ultimate Addon, you get also:

  • Live chat module
  • Badges for vendors
  • Vacation mode
  • Follow for stores
  • Tracking
  • WPML support
  • Bulk Store manager
  • Invoice system
  • Vendor verification
Full list for Ultimate addon features

Additionally, plugin has several unique interesting addons

Affiliate Addon

You can create affiliate system on your site and each user can attract more users and get commission from sales.

Membership and Group Addon

Well, membership addon is free in WCFM, but it just allows you to create different membership types on site, nothing more. If you want to see real power of membrship addon, you should buy Group and Staff addon. This addon lets you to set flexible capabilities for each membership plan

Delivery Team addon

Dokan has something similar, but Dokan Delivery addon is available only in Enterprise version (start from $999 per year). WCFM Delivery has price only $29. It allows to create separate delivery team for each vendor

Product Hub add-on

it doesn’t do something special when you activate this addon, but it adds integration in some very cool Woocommerce extensions like Bundled Products, Product Chains, Group Buy, Composite products

There are some other addons which you can find on site of plugin

So, WCFM is most powerful plugin. But, it has also own negative sides.

First of all, maybe it’s not negative side for me, but it can be for some people. It has too much functions. Hopefully, WCFM has modular system and you can simply deactivate modules which you don’t need on site. So, I don’t think that this is bad, it’s just require from you to spend a bit more time to configure your site.

Second negative side – design of dashboards and store pages need to be a bit refreshed. I hope developers will work more with design in next updates.

WCFM is great all in one solution with many functions even in free version which can be extended even more Cheap addons. Currently, WCFM offers most wide range of functions among all multivendor plugins

I hope our comparison will help you to make the decision

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  2. Thank you for this!

  3. Hi nice post,
    Do you have a tutorial of this plugin wclovers and wcfm and how to use it, please? there are videos but they are very basic

    • you can find all tutorials on site

      • Yes I have looked at those before, but like I mentioned very outdated and hard to follow, do you know of any youtuber or person who has done any videos or how to’s for wcfm I want to use this please

  4. I tried dokan first with my site then i switched to wcfm for my site

  5. I tried Dokan but WCFM is the best. lots of options.

  6. can i sell video worshop canot copy or dowload video?

  7. If I am already using WC Marketplace and now decide to move to WCFM, how do I go about without having to redo everything?

  8. Can you tell me how to configure rehub deals site with WOOZONE plugin ?

    • Just install Woocommerce and Woozone. You don’t need any special settings in theme for this and all regular woocommerce settings will be actual for Woozone

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