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Plugins How to use wordpress in 2021 for beginners (full guideline)

How to use wordpress in 2021 for beginners (full guideline)

Wordpress is very simple system and newbie-friendly, unfortunately, it has a bit outdated admin panel and no installation wizard, so, people can be ...

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How to create multi vendor shop on wordpress

What is multi vendor shop? This is shop which has many sellers. For example, popular Amazon or Ebay are typical multi vendor stores. And today I will explain ...

Adding frontend submit form with paid packages wordpress

From 6.0 version of Rehub framework, we added bonus plugin RH Frontend PRO, which is free for all buyers of Rehub Theme. You can find plugin in ...

Better perfomance for BuddyPress

I want to give you results of my investigation for increasing speed for BuddyPress sites. You can use the same for any of site on wordpress which has many ...

Free icon set for user badges

Recently we introduced support of our themes and Mycred plugin which can add badge system to your site. By default, plugin doesn't have any set of badges ...

Yahoo.com Hosting: Performance and Feedback Analysis

A major player, Yahoo.com offers hosting services, which are deemed great by many users. As of this moment, there are over 380,000 websites hosted by Yahoo. ...

How to check speed of separate function in wordpress

Any developer of theme or plugin on php sometimes needs to check speed of custom function or even a part of code. Here simple solution.  ...

How to know what error do you have on wordpress site

I have near 5000 closed user's questions in support email now. Usually, people write something like "my page doesn't work, what I need to do". Then, I need to ...

Add responsive comparison table to wordpress

Meet our new plugin Table Maker. You can use it for creating simple, beautiful responsive tables for anything - specification comparisons, list of ...

5 plugins to protect WordPress against hacking and spam

WordPress - the most popular and demanded platform for blogging. I noticed that most of the bloggers do not pay such attention to the security of the website, ...

How to optimize Web Vitals on WordPress in 2021

Speed of sites on wordpress is one of the weak side of wordpress, because default wordpress cache system is very simple and not effective. But power of ...

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