Better perfomance for BuddyPress

I want to give you results of my investigation for increasing speed for BuddyPress sites. You can use the same for any of site on wordpress which has many interactive functions.

Problem with caching sites on Buddypress is that it’s interactive site and you can’t cache it as usual site, because many pages will not work as expected. For example, activity pages, notification system, private and follow functions. But how can you increase speed of BuddyPress sites?

We tried several plugins, like Wp Super Cache, Autoptimize, W3 Total Cache, Better Minify, Wp Rocket Cache and others. In most cases we found many incompatibilities with BuddyPress. So, our best sollution is next:

This article is outdated. Please, use updated article about Speed optimization
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  1. I need caching plugin for Buddypress.

  2. Hello,
    I need help i think that is cache issue, I am not able to publish the post. Every time click on create the post, it asks me to log in, and on clicking on log in nothing happens.

    • If you are a buyer of our products – please, write on support page. Otherwise, please, write to author of your theme or plugin

  3. W3 Total Cache has the option to not cache for Logged In Users. I haven’t tried that with BuddyPress yet, but that option does work with the membership plugin I currently user (MemberPress).
    There’s also an interesting new caching solution from CloudFlare that bypasses the cache for logged in users. Again, not tried it yet, but it looks promising.
    Both of these options won’t speed up BuddyPress of course, but could help take the load of the site for non-logged in users.

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