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From 6.0 version of Rehub framework, we added bonus plugin RH Frontend PRO, which is free for all buyers of Rehub Theme. You can find plugin in Rehub->Plugins tab (you must register your license to see download link).

Now, I want to write how you can add paid function to form, so, users must pay some value to post something on your site.

First of all, you need to install Rh Frontend PRO version > 3.18. If you already installed plugin and have old version – delete plugin, download current version from Rehub->Plugins and install it. Also, you must have enabled Woocommerce plugin which will be used to get payment.

Now, go to RH Frontend PRO – Settings – Payment and enable option Support Payment Submit in Woocommerce. This will add new type of product in woocommerce.

Create new product. You can add name, for example, Post Payment package. User will see this name in list of available submit packages before he can add post from frontend form. You need also add some description and price. Then, choose next product type

paid frontend form wordpress

Here you can add number of posts for package. This is limit of posts which user can do from form. Also you can add number of days. After this limit, package will be expired even if there are some available posts in post limit.

Next parameter is form ID from Frontend PRO plugin where this package will be used. You can find ID on the page where you create forms (RH Frontend PRO – forms)

I also recommend to set old date for such product, especially if you use woocommerce for your store on site. You can do this in right top corner

set date of post woocommerce

You can add several paid packages for one form with different limits.

Important! Successful payment will be only if order will have status – completed. Woocommerce have different integrated payment systems and there is no matter which of them you will use, just remember that order must be completed before user can access to form.

Next step is to add paid parameter to form. By default, your form shortcode (which you can get when you create frontend form) will be like

[wpfepp_submission_form form=1]

You need to modify it to

[wpfepp_submission_form form=5 paid=1]

Now, if you set everything correctly, your users will see list of available paid packages before they can access to form. After payment he will see form and available limits.

 Adding post to special category

Imagine situation when you want to have paid submit only for special featured category. For example, you can use this category on homepage or in featured area. You can do this inside frontend form. For this, when you configure fields in form, you can add fallback hidden value. Just disable this field and set category ID in fallback field

Adding paid submit to featured category

Limited Submission package

If you want, you can add some limits to each form, so, users can’t add more than limited number of posts per period of time.

When you create form, add number of posts in Form settings – Extended. Of course, you can create several forms for users, one with limit, one as unlimited and you can sell access to unlimited form for users and provide free access to limited form

Here also some video

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  2. After doing all of this. why am I not able to complete order? after clicking “get package” detail on page is missing.

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