Hosting: Performance and Feedback Analysis

A major player, offers hosting services, which are deemed great by many users. As of this moment, there are over 380,000 websites hosted by Yahoo. What makes all these website owners want to entrust their pages to this hosting provider? What about the feedback found online? And is there any data that is not biased?

Server performance

According to HRANK, is one of the most reliable hosting providers in terms of server performance (as of February 2019). It has been at the top of its list of the best hosting options for at least 6 months. HRANK monitors performance of a large number of servers belonging to different hosting providers, processes the data received, and compiles a list of providers with the best results in terms of loading speed and uptime. What is especially good about this approach is that it provides unbiased information on whether a particular host has been doing well recently. What is more, it monitors not just one website hosted by some provider, but lots of servers.

Over the course of the past 8 months,’s uptime never dropped below 99.523% (which was detected on August 31, 2018), with the value remaining at 100% most of the time. It is definitely one of the best uptime results around, which means is a great option to use if you want your website to be up all the time (it is especially important for eCommerce websites).

As to response time, over the past 8 months, it varied from 252 to 518 ms, but the average value was around 350 ms. This month, it has been about 325 ms. It means ensures websites load fast – having a response time of around 350 ms is a good result, which is indicative of the company’s ability to provide quality hosting.

The above mentioned data suggests is characterized by great server performance. However, the number of websites hosted has been declining, from 410,000 in July 2018 down to around 380,000 today. It is difficult to explain the reason for it, because the technical aspect is unlikely to be behind the drop.

Feedback analysis

As is the case with many other hosting providers, feedback on the Yahoo hosting is diverse and controversial. Some users are satisfied with the services and have been happy clients for years. Others claim everything related to leaves much to be desired. The diversity of feedback is really impressive, as it may vary from 4.8/5 stars (great!) at HostingAdvice to 2/10 stars (awful!) at WHTop.

Among the main flaws mentioned by users are poor customer support (long waiting times, and not all of the support team are helpful), and the need to buy Advanced or Premium plans to use important features (PCMag even says you need to buy one to install WordPress, and there are no non-shared hosting plans).

Online feedback should always be taken with a pinch of salt, as it is not only real users who post these messages, but also competitors and the company itself. The former want to tarnish their rival’s reputation, and the latter sometimes strives to compensate for it by posting positive reviews.

Given the large amounts of fake reviews, it seems reasonable to find some other way to evaluate a hosting provider’s performance. Technical data, such as the one provided above, is one thing, but it is an even better option to ask your friends who have already tried working with the provider you are interested in. Some feedback may not be objective, though, as in some cases it is users who fail to understand how to use a feature or some other thing related to hosting, which results in their blaming the company. This is not always true, which makes it very difficult to use feedback as a source of reliable information.

Judging from what information is available online, it appears that the hosting services are worth a try – at least due to the great server performance reported by third-party analysts.


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