Rehub 7.4 update

There are some important changes in 7.4 version which you should know

Update. Changes in 7.4.1

In 7.4.1 we added new Fontawesome icons 5 version. Theme has Pro version of icons. If you used some Fontawesome icons before directly in your content, maybe you will need to change code of icons, because latest version has another codes and another names of some icons. Check this article to know about changes in code of icons. In 90% all code will also work with new icons.

Some plugins still use outdated 4.7 version of icons, if you want to add compatibility with them, add next code to Theme option – General – JS code for Header.

<script defer src=""></script>

But i recommend to write to authors and ask to update

Please, note. we added PRO version of icons, this means that you can use any of icons from this site on your site.

  1. Wishlist changes. Previously, we use the same keys for Thumbs counter and wishlist, so, it was impossible to use them both on the same page. Now, we divide functions for both counters. Unfortunately, we must change also key where stored wishlists, so, old wishlist counters will be cleaned. But now, you can use wishlist and thumbs, hot counter on the same page. Some new shortcodes were added for this. Read article about wishlist Also, previously, we use Favorite plugin for wishlist inside posts, now, you can remove this plugin, because wishlist function is integrated in theme without plugins. You can also disable wishlist in theme option – global enable/disable. If you used post_hot_count meta key to show most wishlisted posts in filter panels early, you must change this key to post_wish_count
  2. New footer area and sidebar changes. We changed some ids for widgets, this must fix problem when some widgets become not active after theme updates. But, after this update, you must reassign your widgets for footer areas. You can find your inactive widgets in bottom of page with widgets. We also added Full width footer area for widgets. Now, if you want, you can remove text for footer bottom line in theme option – footer option (this will delete line) and add  widget to Bottom Full width Footer. By default, it’s left aligned, you can also enable center text align for this area in theme option – footer option. This will allow you to add something like this in footer

There are many other small fixes and improvements in this version according to buyer’s feedbacks

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