7 Tips for Creating a Real Estate Site on WordPress

Creating a website can be easy with WordPress. But you probably know that already. What’s more challenging is creating a real estate website that has the power to convert.

You can easily achieve this goal if you know what makes a good real estate website.

What Makes a Real Estate Website Good?

There are some factors that every visitor likes to see on real estate websites when searching for a home or accommodation online. Here is the list of these factors:

  1. Responsive Design: Your website should be responsive enough to look good on bigger screens as well as on smaller screens. Users will access the site from different devices.
  2. Easy Navigation: No one likes websites that are complicated to navigate. If you want to keep users on your website, make it easy to navigate.
  3. Great Image Gallery: Images are one of the most important parts of content on real estate websites. Before visitors make the decision to visit some property, they want to see pictures of it. Great images will attract more visitors, and with that, more in-person property visits.
  4. Location Maps: Location is a very important fact when people are looking to buy or rent real estate. Create accurate maps with the location of the property and information about the area around it to increase visitors’ interest.
  5. Appointment Page: This page makes it easier for users to make an appointment with you and allows your phone line to be free from scheduling calls.
  6. Contact Details: Create a simple contact page that will allow visitors to get in touch with you easily when they see a property they like and have questions about it.

Now that we’ve established the main features a good real estate website should have, it’s time to talk about how to build one.

So, we have put together 7 tips to create a real estate website that will stand out from the crowd:

#1 Get a Relevant Domain Name

Choose a good, relevant domain name. Ideally, that name should be related to your industry, real estate. It would help your business stand out as a brand.

When you think about domain names, consider the keywords that users might type when they are searching for websites like yours. Include them in the domain name so search engines will rank your site higher on the results page. A big plus is if you can include your city or area in the domain name.

#2 Choose the Right Hosting Plan

After you pick a good domain name, you should buy a hosting plan in order to host your site on the internet.

Make this decision carefully because you should consider a plan that will support adding new photos, listings, and descriptions that you will have on your real estate site eventually.

#3 Pick a Real Estate WordPress Theme

It`s time for design!

WordPress offers a great number of themes at reasonable prices. Many of them are flexible for many industries, but WordPress comes with specific ones for real estate websites.

An advantage of installing a real estate theme is that this theme comes with features for this specific industry.

Besides that, there are many real estate plugins for adding features such as search bars, property listings, and more.

#4 Install Real Estate Plugins

Adding WordPress plugins to the website can upgrade your WP real estate theme with missing features and functions.

This can be an easy job for you, but if you are not sure how to do it, you might consider hiring a WordPress web design agency to help you with picking and installing the right plugins for your website.

The great WP real estate plugin is WP Real Estate Pro. It is a paid property plugin that allows you to add listings, manage users’ comments and reviews, and more.

Also, it lets your visitors place a bid on properties, contact the property owner, and sign up for your email list if they want to receive new updates and insights.

Real Estate Pro can be integrated with many services, such as PayPal, MailChimp, Stripe, and more.

#5 Use Hight Quality Images and Videos

When we talk about real estate websites, we can say that images and videos are part of the content that attracts visitors the most.

Real estate virtual tours and drone footage have become the norm for modern real estate websites.

That`s why it is crucial for website home listings to be filled with high-quality images and videos. Pick images and videos carefully and pay attention to their size and number, because unoptimized images and videos can slow down a website.

#6 Include Related and Comparable Listings

Listings are a great way to keep the potential customer on your website longer. How?

When the visitor is viewing a particular property listing and doesn’t find anything he or she likes in it, they will find a similar listing at the bottom of the page and check out these listings instead.

Comparing listings allows your visitors to compare all the lists, and one page on the website will display all information about selected listings.

The WP Real Estate Pro plugin will give you all these possibilities.

#7 Add Real Estate Agents Page

Create a dedicated page on your website for real estate agents. Let your visitors find information based on which they can pick a particular agent. Add pictures and contact information for each of them.

To Sum Up

A great website can build or break your real estate business because the first contact that your potential clients have with your company is online, through your website.

Building a WordPress real estate website is not rocket science but requires features that are mandatory for this specific industry, as we mentioned above.

We hope that this guide has prepared you to build a “kickass” real estate website that will attract visitors and increase property sales.

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