Rehub 7 update

Rehub 7.0 is major update with many changes, so, you can have some problem after updating.

99% of such problems is because you have cache system on site, so, after update your static css and js files will be still old version, while php files are new. To prevent this problem – read about how to clean cache on site

Here some important changes which you need to keep in mind .


We deleted auto detection of affiliate button for Thirstyaffiliate plugin. For affiliate functions, better to use Content Egg, Post offer section or Woocommerce products. If you still need this function you can revert back to latest stable which you can find in theme bundle

We also deleted widget Latest Video, because wordpress 4.8 has similar default widget now

We also deleted widget Feedburner, it’s because this service was not updated by google over 4 years and will be closed soon. Use Mailchimp forms if you need subscribe forms.

We also deleted one header layout (Centered full width logo). If you have it, just go to theme option – header option and reassign to Logo + full width code zone layout which is the same.

We also deleted option to use description in menu. It’s because this function was a bit heavy and wordpress has one issue with this function. If you have category description and place category to menu, menu item begins to show category description. Also, it was many other issues with this option which impossible to fix in some cases.

New post view script

We found the way to increase speed of ajax counter of post views and also include counter by date, month, year. So, now you can create sections with popular posts by period (early, it was based on date of publishing)

How to use

New wishlist for Products

We deprecate now support of YITH wishlist plugin. We found that this plugin is too slowly and just disabling it, increase speed of products in 10-15%. We added own function for this, which works fast and has ability to share wishlist in social media

How to use

Carousel changes

We deleted some styles of carousel modules, because they were outdated. We added new styles which are more actual. Maybe you will need to reassign your carousel module in page builder

Removed News scroll from theme option

Now it’s available as visual composer module, so, you can use it in any part of page

Improved Header layouts

We changed structure of header layout. Now, everything is better aligned, you can add paddings from top and bottom in theme option – header. We also added new Header layout with centered logo + menu in left part, icons in right

Sort by expiration date

We added new filter in filter panel of page builder. You can sort posts by expiration date. This allows you to make section with Coupon posts which will expire soon

 Amazon shortcodes were updated

We updated some templates for better fit Amazon TOS. For example, now, we don’t show amazon favicon, because it’s not allowed by their Brand guide

Product Layouts

We added huge update of Product layouts, now you have 7 new layouts which can fit for different purpose and style of your site


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