Rehub 5.7 update

Recently we added 5.7 update of Rehub theme. This is one of most major updates of theme and many modules, settings, functions were changes + many new things were added. In most cases, you don’t need change anything, but some modules were totally recoded, so, you need to add some new settings or just resave page. Usually, it can be a problem with featured area which are set with visual composer and video block. Here, all things which are changed in 5.7 version

Visual composer modules

First of all, we totally updated all visual composer and page builder modules and made them as shortcode function. This means, that if you have custom visual composer modules in your child theme in folder – function/vc_templates – it’s time to delete them and also delete all VC initialization from child theme.

Instead of this, if you need customize/delete/add VC modules for child theme – place file function/vc_functions_theme.php in child theme. You can overwrite all modules from this file with function vc_add_param, vc_remove_param. If you need to overwrite module output – open file shortcodes/module_shortcodes.php of parent theme, find function which called for your module, copy it to your functions.php. Also, most of modules have some hooks. If you are a developer, you can find all functions for content modules in file shortcodes/module_shortcodes.php

Also, note, that most of modules were redesigned to be more universal. We also added options to use color badges for category labels with VC. So, you can divide your posts by logical section and make each section with some color accents.


Default typography for Rehub was changed from Open Sans Condensed to Roboto. This is more universal font and it looks good with small letters, small font size, thin, bold, no matter. Open Sans Condensed was good only for uppercase letters and big font size and this causes many problems.

Featured area

Next thing which was updated – featured area. Now, theme has 3 type of featured area – slider + 2 post, full width slider, grid. Also, 5.7 version deprecated option to make post as featured. Now it’s not usefull, because we added much better badge system to theme. You can place featured area tag from theme option (for home page) or add it with Visual Composer (you can also use custom post in featured area now with VC)

Header logo

We changed design of header layout “menu + logo in one row”. Now logo is placed in menu row, so, maybe you need to change color of menu. Also, it’s possible to have logo inside sticky menu. Also, you can place additional logo for mobile version and make this part compact on mobiles.

Image resizer

Next thing – images. We added new resizer class, which allowed to reduce 50% of image sizes generated with posts. Also, now you can add lazy load for module thumbnails in theme options – global enable/disable. This allows you to increase speed of site, especially if you use external not resized images.


Carousels – we changed carousel script to make it more mobile friendly and less buggy (old script is not updated 3 years). We changed design of woocommerce carousel, now it’s compact and clean. We added option to choose style of carousel (text inside or outside images) and auto play. We also added deal carousel for post deals

Video module. Old videomodule will not work now, so, update it with new data. We changed video module and now it’s playlist module. It works as youtube/vimeo video gallery. It’s possible to have full width and stacked design or as slider

Social buttons

We changed social share icons. Now they have better design and don’t use social share scripts for initialization.

New modules

There are some new modules. 3 post full width row which is good to divide news sections on page. And simple post lists – good if you need to create simple news section without thumbnails.

Title module in Visual composer

We recreated title module. Now it’s more clean and has much more options. You can use colored label, lines, icons, etc.

Smart scroll sidebars

This is available for rows with sidebars in Visual composer. Click on type of row and choose this option.

Branded archive

Many people ask to add archive for brands. Now you can do this


Now, you can change background and color of footer widget area

Expired function for woocommerce

We updated function for expiration for woocommerce. Now, all products which have expired date will be grey filtered. You can also manually make them expired if you added meta key re_post_expired with value “1”.

There are tons of other improvements and fixes, like Ecwid css update, better slider shortcode, better design of default modules, new blog layout design, etc.

Please, note, that there are many changes, so, we need time and your feedback about bugs. If you have some customizations – maybe you need to change them. Next few weeks we will help our buyers to update their themes to new version. Also, you need to update child themes, Repick and Rething if you use them.