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UX Designer


Hi there,

Idea for improving Product Review engagement

When we have products such as Laptop 12-inch, it could be great to allow mutual review for posts/products pages  which are attached to a main product as global attributes/category (laptop/12-inch).

This mutualisation of reviews will allow to collect reviews from all product/post pages related and diplay all reviews inside one common global review.

On each pages, it will be mentioned from which source the review comes from. This information will be included in each reviews such as:

Review source page :  Laptop > 12-inch > Red

In this exemple, the customer who is consulting the Black 12-inch laptop will see the reviews of all 12-inch Laptop instead of seing only reviews from the Black product.

Attachment: Amazon already do that great just as you can see on the screenshot

The customer will read more pertinents reviews and also will know from where.

Results: More review, freshest info, more trust…

All ingredients to make conversion increase
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Can you send me screenshot? because currently, it’s not clear how it will look

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