Sport Odds Affiliate Comparisons


The Sportsbook Industry is one of the most active in the internet today, There are hundreds of Companies offering Affiliate promotions, here is some of the leading Industry names:
Bookmaker, BetOnLine, Bet365, Bet&Win, PokerStars, Pinnacle, Heritage, etc.
Adding all the features of this script and blend them with the Sportsbook and Gambling industry is a SURE WIN-WIN situation.

It would be very Popular,  a script where Website Owners could:
– Pick a soccer or Basketball game and make a WebSite TIP OF THE DAY
– COMPARE ODDS from many Sportsbooks for each TIP OF THE DAY
(Many sportsbooks have XML feeds with the Odds available to afiliates)
– Create Sportsbooks reviews from wich websiteowner is affiliated.
– Create some COMPETITIONS for registered users  – Allow registered users to Make a TIP OF THE DAY and Rank them
– Mantain a BEST TIPS RANK from users Competition with some PRIZES for better tipsters.

Many Sportsbooks also have CASINO afiliate promotions.
– Have Reviews for each Sportbookers Features like – Sports-Casinos-eSports-Live Casinos, Pokerstars.

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