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Simple fix + two additions (Related Posts, Multiple Quick Offer Boxes)


Hey Igor,

It’s me from the furniture website Vintage Möbel Ideen. I have three things, which should be easy fixes/additions.

1st: There is the possibility to show posts in a two-column grid, three-column grid and four-column grid. Some time ago you have added the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest buttons which appear when hovering over the post preview. However, when you hover over one of the smaller four-column grid posts the social buttons are displayed too large and cannot be shown in their full size. You can see this issue in action here.

2nd: You have recently added the possibility to set the displayed related posts. One can choose from category based OR tag based. Please add the possibility to choose a category AND a tag for each post, so it shows posts from the same category and with a defined tag-slug. Example: There are different categories of furniture for a furniture type like tables and chairs. Then there are two designs which are defined with a tag like brown-furniture and white-furniture. When I write about a white table, I would like to see related posts from the category table and with one of the same tags of the post. In this case i would choose white-furniture. I would really appreciate this addition!

3rd: I really like the offer box which is displayed within the post when using the shortcode quick_offer. Now I wanted to create a post where I present a selection of posts (in my case furniture), but haven’t found a solution to show the offer boxes of my posts in a single post. Like multiple quick_offer boxes referring to their original offer box. It would be nice to show the quick_offer offer box snippet of a post in another post. Something like [quick_offer_123] [quick_offer_234] with 123 as the post id, from which Wordpress gets the offer meta data. What do you think about this?

Thanks in advance for your answer. Feel free to send me an e-mail too if you feel like it.

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  1. Ok. I will check this
  2. THis is possible, but this will make a huge slow down of site
  3. Very good idea, will be added in next update
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