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Regarding Rehub Repick theme


I would like to thank you first for creating great theme. I have used your Re:pick theme and was quite happy with it. During the use, I thought below enhancements will make it even better.

  1. In the Repick theme with three columns grid, the posts are looking big on mobile and taking the entire viewable space for just one one item. Instead if you can automatically show the posts in list structure, then end users can view more items. I think you are doing the same thing in Re:cash theme. Another example is where in the website it shows posts in grid view but in mobile it shows them in list structure.
  2. Second question is related to the number of columns in the grid view, presently I can only show posts three columns max. The problem with this one is that when the users open the website they can only see the first three posts and the next 3 posts are not fully visible. Instead if you reduce the posts width and height so as to display first 10 posts them the user experience will be much better. Instead of max 3 columns in a grid, Can you please enhance the Re pick theme to show 4 to 5 columns then it will great.
  3. Because of above two things, I am planning to move from Re:Pick theme to Re:Cash theme as most of my users are on mobile. Please let me know if any suggestions.
  4. Is there any guide on how and where to display blog posts in Re:pick theme? I created Blog Posts and having hard time to figure out where I need to show them? Even in the demo site, I don’t see any link to the Blog Posts. Please let me know where to include/Enable the Blog posts Category in order to show them in UI.

Thank you.


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There is no any solution to have 4 columns without bugs. It requires serious changes in core files for width, for images, for default layouts and possible only as custom work. Price will be $80 for this

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Thank you so much for creating a great theme. I’m a big fan of your work and theme. Here is a some changes I want to have.

Using RE:PICK theme, everything is ok with me but I really want to use 4 columns. Means instead of 3 I want to show 4 of them but don’t want to mess up the design. If the width of the website goes a bid wider, I don’t mind. But I want 4 of the items to display. How do I do it? Please help.

Please delete the purchased code after you read verify my purchase. And mail me soon please.

Item Purchase Code:

Thanks you so much.

  • Tareque Yousuf answered 2 years ago
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Hi. We don’t have plans to change layout for Repick, because it’s made for gift, idea sites and grid must be big, because most important part is big images. Check most popular gift sites, some of them have even 2 columns, like

If you need compact style – use Recash

About Blog, by default, Custom post types of Wordpress doesn’t have special page for archives. You can create it in page builder. Place any post block on page and choose Blog as Post type

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