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RECASH improvements


I am using the RE:Cash theme.
I have several improvements and suggestions:
1. BUY Button – the buy button is currently only at the top and can be easily missed. If you look at
Slickdeals for example, there is a 2’nd, large buy button at the end of the post as well as a frozen top panel with buy button on top.
If this is implemented, it can greatly help increase clicks…

2. design – again using slickdeals as an example, but really relevant to any deals website –
the post boxes should be constrained in size. at the moment if multiple categories and tags are selected, the post container becomes very long. it is best to show only 1-2 category/tag words, if any.

3. mobile – same issue – containers are to big making scrolling too long. it is preferable if they will smaller and the like/dislike buttom be much bigger and more visible and engaging.

4. badges – selecting which item is editor’s choice etc. is very slow when dealing with dozens of deals. it would be great of admins will have a frontend option.

5. Notifications – email notifications should be OFF by Default. Currently, spammers and bots can private message everyone else, which might be forgivable on the site itself but not for email, as there are laws against spamming with very high fines. The email notifications options are pretty much hidden in the eyes of most viewers.
It is impossible to train and guide each new user to check his profile for notification settings. this should just be off to begin with.

6. Given that RE:cash is mostly user based (well, hopefully) it would be great to have an option to integrate a review plugin like – Reviewer which to my knowledge, is the only one with an option to upload images directly.


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2. No, post will show all categories, buyers don’t like when something deleted

3. No, such compact layout is possible only on post loop without button as on slickdeals, but most of buyers ask me to add button in loop

4. Don’t see any difference in frontend click on badge and admin click on badge

5. Not clear what notification you mean

6. I can’t integrate this plugin in core. Possible only as customization for site

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