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Price Comparison - choosing specific stores and currency separation


Hi. I bought Content Egg and Affiliate Egg plugins.

I created post for one products (it is post, not woocommerce product). And for this product I want to show list of all offers from different online stores (price comparison). I think, this is possible with Content Egg Price Comparison Block and it will look like on this page (which is what I need).

But I want to have 2 separate Price Comparison Block. In first block there will be all stores from my country and in the second block there will be big well-known stores like Amazon, Aliexpress etc.

The first block with offers from stores from my country is more important for me. The second block with big well-known stores I want to display for compare price between stores from my country and big stores. I also want to motivate people to try to shoping in these big well-known stores, because in our country people are not used to shopping in stores such as Amazon or Aliexpress.

But the problem is that there is different currency in stores from my country and in world big well-known stores. And I do not want to have mixed all offers from all stores with different currency in one table (Price Comparison Block) together.

Is it somehow possible to choose which offer from which stores will be displayed in first and in the second Comparison Block?

I can not find such option.

I think it is good feature to have separate offers for one product from “country” stores with our national currency which people know and trust and then separate offers from big foreign stores.

Can you add such option, please?

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How to divide list and how to make common currency is described in docs

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