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New Suggestions for Re:Pick


Hello again Igor.

This is all for REPICK childtheme.


I´ve been implementing user login/submit in my site and I´ve been thinking some things.

  1. First of all if I have “Dark Style” header and “User Login” in Top Menu. I can´t see anything because letters (User Login) are also dark.
  2. Would be possible connect “Favorites” plugin with “Login/Register”?.  People who want to “fav” an item shows interest and would be a good way to engage the site with “interested” people. (sorry my english).
  3. (This is related someway with question 2). Maybe it is possible but I don´t know how. When an user registers he/she uses email account. But this email is only for registration process, doesn´t it? How can we add the option to suscribe to newsletter or boletin too inside Registration Process? (again sorry my english).
  4. Maybe a quick way to change “Submit your deal” button color on theme options.


BTW. My site works fine and is quick (and new by the moment). Some weeks ago I asked to you how to implement Slider in Re:Pick and you replied me that using VC. I´m lazy to switch on “VC monster” only for slider. Would be hard for you to add Slider in your native shortcode system for Re:Pick??


P.S.: Congratulations for the new White Style on Re:Pick, this is very cool.



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  1. Yes, You are right, this is bug, will be fixed. You can add temporary solution


2. Not clear what you want. If you want to add Favorite item in user dropdown menu – this is possible

3. Do you want to add checkbox to registration to make user as subscriber?

4. I will think about this. If you add button to header with shortcode (example is on – you can choose color.

5. Yes. I plan to convert all VC modules to be simple shortcodes. I also sometimes don’t like to use VC

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Thanks for quick reply.

In question 2 I refer if a guest click on “Fav” button in one pic, the Registration Pop Up appears. That mean, Favourite option only for registered users. Then, via Ultimate Member Plugin, make Favourites Page only visible for Registered Users.

3. Yes, more or less that.


Regards Sizam!!



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