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Ideas for Content Egg Price Alert feature


Hello, I found that you sell Content Egg on your Wpsoul account on Codecanyon, so I try to write ideas for you here about Content Egg Price Alert feature.

1. Please, add support for Price Alert feature for known user (website with membership).

Such logged in user does not have to confirme his e-mail every time when he wants to set up Price Alert for some product. It will be possible to enter only the desired product price and that is all.

2. Please, add a shortcode that will allow, that user (member on the website with membership) can view all products (posts) for which he subscribed to Price alerts.

User who subscribed for some products price alert can easily check all the products (posts) of his interest.

Moreover, when a user subscribes for some products price alert, within a few days, he can forget what products he really was interested in.

And when user will see such product listed on the page, he may eventually decide that he buy the product for the current price and will not wait for an email saying the product price has fallen. So it means higher affiliate commission for us.

3. When the member can view products for which he subscribed to Price Alerts, It would be great, if there will be a cross (close button) on every such product. With this close button, member can unsubscribe from Price alert for concrete product with one click. So the member does not have to go to the email and click on the unsubscribe link.

The price Alert feature is good. It could be even better and more effective with such improvements.

Thank you, very much.

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We are not authors of Content Egg. Author is our partner. Email of author is

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These are some great features, I hope that Keywordrush will be interested in adding these features. The price history and alerts are great, and these would make them even better!

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