Display only certain post with shortcode [wpsm_charts]


Hi. Please, can you add attribute ‘postid’ for shortcode [wpsm_charts], which allow to display only certain post?

I use template “Top charts constructor” for dynamic comparison and I want to use it also for the specification for certain post (product).

I tried to use your Specifications and Layout tabs plugin, but with this plugin I must create all specification tables again even though I’ve done it once for dynamic comparison on page with template “Top charts constructor”.

For example, I create a page for compare notebooks with template “Top charts constructor”. This page has id=7251

Now I want to use this template also for specification for all individual notebooks (post). So I can duplicate this created Top charts constructor template for notebooks and using a shortcode such as [wpsm_charts id="7251" postid="7022"] I can display created specification for notebooks only for post with id (postid)=7022

I know that it is possible to display only certain post with certain id on page with template “Top charts constructor”. But in this case I have to create new page with template “Top charts constructor” for all posts and after that I have to add shortcode from this page to another post. But the problem is that there will be very much basically blank pages which will be created only for the purpose of adding id into meta field “Enter post ids for comparison” on Top charts constructor template.

If it were possible to use shortcode such as [wpsm_charts id="7251" postid="7022"] it would greatly speed up and make work more efficient.

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Ok. I will add

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