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Content Egg offer improvment with Tags and Filtering options


Hi there,

Idea to save time during contribution of CE multi-offers pages

When you compare products such as laptops, you make several global laptop pages (brand, year, etc.). In each global pages you are displaying offers with some different attributes (color, stockage capacity…). The offers also can be auctions, on sale, or refurbished.

Instead of creating unique CE multi-offers pages for each characteristics to allow the customer to filter by attributes (color, stockage capacity…) or type of offers, it could be time-saver to tag attributes directly with CE.

Add tag on multi-offers pages

When editing the post/product, you add your offers as usual with CE.

On each offer from each CE module, you can manually select tags (drop list/checkbox/field).

Once fill, theses tags will be displayed on each offer of the multi-offers page as tags. Indeed, it will be possible to get custom filters on the multi-offers pages.

It will allow new CE format as:
“Best offer” for “Red” (CE Tag) “Laptop” (category)
or   “All offers” for “Auctions” (CE Tag)

NEW FEATURE: Add Tag filters on Multi-offers pages

Glad to that, it’s now possible to implement quick filters/new features on Multi-offers page to increase the clarity of the information provided without loosing weeks of contribution.

Theses CE Tags will be display as Tabs, or as shortcode and on the offers themselves. When we click on a tag, it shows all offers for this attributes. Indeed, when there is several offers on a multi-offer page which get the same CE tags, only the lowest price is displayed.

For exemple, you are on the multi-offers page for Green Laptops. You have created two attributes: Auction and Refurbished. If there is 5 laptops wich are Refurbished, only the lowest one will be displayed. To see all prices, you have to click on a button such as “See all Refurbished prices ”

Suggestion: These tags will be included in Attributes of WooCommerce so the global page get all the CE Tags as attributes. It will help to provide relevant informations and also for SEO.


Do you like this idea ?
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This was added two months ago. Tags are useless, woocommerce product attributes were used instead


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