Pagination fix for wordpress 4.4.1

In this article I will give you some fixes for pagination when you use custom loops on home page

Currently, many users have custom static pages on home page. They added page builder and custom layout to such page. But problem is that wordpress determine such home page as simple inner page, not as archive page and this creates many problem in pagination functions.

Lats update of wordpress broke many sites pagination. You can see many questions on different forums and most of them without answer.

Ok, I will tell you what is the problem. Last update changed canonical redirect in wordpress and all paginated static pages have redirect to home page.

Quick fix. Add it to functions.php

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  1. Thanks a lot, worked just fine.

  2. Thanks a lot! Was searching the complete sunday afternoon for a fix. You should post it on the WP support forum.

  3. Thanx a lot, great fix, worked perfectly!

  4. Thank a lot, among all the tips i found, this is the only one that works !

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