How to resolve white screen of death in wordpress

It’s very often problem when you are trying to open your site and see just white screen. Read about steps that I usually make to resolve

First of all, check your admin page. If you also have the same problem – you have fatal error on page.

First thing that you need to do – enable wp debug. You can do this only from ftp

For this, open file wp-config.php in root folder of your site and add find such code inside

Change to

Now, go to site. You will find a notice about error, something like

So, from this line you can understand where is a problem. You can write about this to theme or plugin author. While you wait for answer, you can disable plugin or theme. But how you can do this without admin access? Very easy. Just rename your theme or plugin.

When wordpress doesn’t find plugin folder which is activated, it deactivates plugin automatically, so, you can access to admin page.

Another possible error is something like

This error tells that your memory limit is too low on site and not enough for your activated scripts and theme. In most cases, you can fix this with just increasing memory limit in wp-config.php with this code

But, not all hosters allow to increase memory limit from wp-config. So, you need to write to support. Or deactivate plugin which has big load on server. Also, sometimes you can use such code in file .htaccess if it’s available (also in root folder of site)

After resolving problem, you can disable wp debug again

Not fatal error

Sometimes, you can have not fatal error on site. In this case only part of site is crashed, for example, no footer or no sidebar. But you still have access to admin page. In this case, I usually use plugin Wp debug After installing, check first checkbox in settings. This plugin also activate wp debug, but in this case you can do this from admin panel, without ftp


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